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Need-For-Power Motor Co., Ltd is a DC motor & gear motor manufacture. Our main products are DC motor, gear motor, vibration motor and coreless motor, which is widely applied to automobile, home applications, power tools, personal care products, automation equipment and toys etc. We are trying to create a best online solution for mini dc motors, tiny vibration motor and accessory products for companies and customers in different skill levels. As a customer oriented company. NFP-Motor had been offering high-quality, affordable motors and exceptional customer services, which has been widely acclaimed by customers from over 30 countries. NFP-Motor is committed to provide a platform for more and more small and medium enterprises, hobbyists and DIYers getting what they are not able to get from factories directly, customized motors and competitive prices. 


Φ6mm - Φ14mm Coin Vibration Motor

Coin type ERM eccentric roating mass vibration motors

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Φ3mm - Φ12mm ERM Pager Motors

Classic cylindrical vibration motors also called pager motors

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Encapsulated Vibration Motor

Cylindrical vibraion motor equipped with metal or plastic capsule

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ERM Vibration Motors

Uni vibe ERM vibration motors with bigger eccentric mass and higher drive voltages.

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LVM - Linear Vibration Motors

High reliability & exceptionally long life. Excellent choice for haptic feedback.

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Coreless DC Motors

Small coreless dc motors used as driver, standard round shaft or D-section shaft.

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≤Φ64mm Small Geared Motors

Small geared motor N10, N20, N30 type used as actuators, medical tool, robotic.

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6mm Miniature Gear Motors

4 ratios options, plastic gearbox, low speed, hight torque. Smallest gear motors.

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NFP-RC-540SA-545SA mabuchi high torque dc motors

Brush DC Motors

280, 370, 390, 550, 555, 775 series brushed DC motors used for smart home, power tools.

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Brushless DC Motors

12mm – 42mm Diameter long lifetime brushless DC motors.

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DC Brushless Gear Motors

12V – 24V Large Brushless Type Low Speed High Torque Planetary Gear Motor

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Worm Drive Motor

Single & Double Shafts Worm Gear Motor With & With Encoder

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ODM, OEM Custom Design Manufacturer Micro DC Motors

Except Standard Motors And Gearbox, Professional Technicians Offer ODM & OEM Or Customizations Service.


Buy From A DC Motor Distributor, Why Not Buy Directly From A Geared Motor Manufacturer?

We Offer Miniature DC Gear Motor, Worm Gear Motor, Micro DC Motors Range From 1V DC – 48V DC, Diameter Range From Φ6mm To Φ50mm, Typical Torque From To Any Parameters Can Be Customized.


Quality Assurance, 100% Testing Before Shipping

Best quality assurance, senior design engineers and sophisticated R&D team offer you a comfortable services.


Scanning Instrument Precise Positioning Motor, Ensure Complete Construction Before Leaving Factory

Standard Electronic Wire And JST / Molex / Other Customer Requirement Connectors, Delivery On Time, 8 Hours Reply Efficiency, Support For Small Batches, Excellent After-sales team. So Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us Now.


What Kind Of Micro DC Motors We Can Provide And Customize?

Coin Vibration Motor, Linear Resonant Actuator, Brushed DC Motor, Coreless DC Motor, DC Geared Motor, Planetary Gear Motor


Applications Of Our Micro 12V DC Motor. ERP&PLM soft system reinforced internal management.

Home Automation, Industry Automation, Medical Applicance, Office Automation, Toys And Models, Auto Door Locks, Sweeping Robot, Electric Toothbrush, Electric Curtains, Atm, Robots, Game Machine, Valve

Small DC Motor Applications

Every Need Will Be Satisfied

-> To Engineers/R&D:

More than 10+ new models will be added each month. New DC motors had been designing and developing to meet more demands of customers from various industries. Micro DC Motors Co., Ltd has been committed to creating a one-stop purchasing service platform, and provide technical support as well. Global fast shipping which ensure you to get samples in a very short time and speed up prototype. A professional technical support team including professional and sophisticated engineers in brush dc motors and electronics are ready to offer solid assistance.

-> To Purchasers:

If you want to buy high quality, cheap micro vibration motors and accessory products, Micro DC Motors Co., Ltd must be the place you can’t miss. Our products prices are incredibly lower than any other suppliers or stores online, however with the highest quality. Comparing with other sales on Ebay, Amazon or Aliexpress, Wish, Rakuten, Temu, our products are all top-class quality, which mean that products getting from us are all with high industrial standards, not those with poor quality only for players level from small workshops. Professional and veteran pre-sales and after-sales service teams and technical support leave you with no trouble.

-> To Hobbyists & DIYers:

Micro DC Motors Co., Ltd has a professional online purchasing system that process of an order is very simple and you can place an order anywhere and anytime. You can also ask for invoices use the bottom form for purchasing. We accept MOQ lower to 1 piece. Meanwhile, you can get a lower price than offer from manufactures when huge bulk purchase is a need. Besides, our extremely complete supply chain management and strict quality control system ensures high-quality of our products.