Coreless Gear Motor Using In Prosthetic Hands

Compact DC Gear Motor Full Metal Gearmotor Using In Prosthetic Hands

Smart prosthetic hands designed for people with missing upper limbs to live an active life easily
Due to the continuous advancement of science, the power and speed of the prosthesis to complete the work for you, it combines a powerful coreless dc gear motor NFP-JGA12-N20 and can withstand up to 11 pounds. The coreless gear motor has the characteristics of low consumption, lightweight, low starting current, high torque, fast response and long life. To help prosthetic patients get as much function and mobility as possible, and improve self-confidence

1215 coreless motor series small gear motor for prosthetic hands, make the arm easier
You can adjust the speed and grip of your hands during your daily routine. Help you bend and stretch your elbows.

Functions of prosthetic hands:

—Lighter aluminum structure,
—Use muscle signals to bend and stretch your elbows
—Able to stretch index finger to point or press button
—Multiple grip options and arm positions

Standard Miniature Gear Boxes Motor Manufacturers Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-JGA12-N20
Rated Voltage 3V, 6V, 12V
No load speed 5rpm -6,000rpm
No load current 0.01A-0.05A
Output 0.2W-2.4W
Shaft diameter Φ3mm x L10mm
Rotation CW/CCW
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