Leverage 12V Gear Motor In Smart Face Washing Instrument

Smart Face Washing Instrument
37MM diameter 12V DC gear motor NFP-GA36Y-555. Used for the smart facial cleanser. Gear motor uses noise-reducing materials, which have the characteristics of low noise and long life. The friction generated by the vibration of the motor allows the cleanser to fully combine and emulsify the dirt on the skin without hurting the skin, and easily clean, which is deeply loved by the majority of customers.

The intelligent face washing instrument is washing force is stable. The reduction ratio can be changed and the input torque and speed of the gearbox can be adjusted according to the design requirements.

Smart Face Washing Instrument Of Key Feature:
-Using ultrasonic vibration to deeply clean the dirt in the pores.
-Waterproof IPX8.
-Intelligent reminder, the same location will automatically emit a TT sound to remind you to switch between different locations when cleaning over time.
-One machine with multiple functions, it is versatile for bathing, washing face, applying makeup, and removing makeup. Different functions can be realized by changing different brush heads

How Does Planetary Gear Motor Used In Facial Machine?


  • Facial massagers often require gentle and precise movements to massage the skin effectively. A planetary gear motor can be incorporated to control the motion of massage nodes or rollers. The gear motor’s high torque and smooth operation ensure a consistent and relaxing massage experience.
  • Exfoliation and Cleansing: Some facial machines use rotating brushes or scrubbers for exfoliation and cleansing. DC micro planetary gearmotors can drive these brush heads, ensuring consistent and controlled rotation. Users can select different speeds and intensities for customized skincare routines.
  • Product Dispensers: Facial machines may include product dispensers for creams, serums, or lotions. A planetary geared dc motor can be employed to control the precise dispensing of these products, ensuring the right amount is applied evenly across the skin.
  • Smart and Programmable Functions: Some advanced facial machines feature smart capabilities and programmable routines. High torque planetary gear motor, along with sensors and control systems, can enable these devices to perform predefined skincare routines with precision.
  • Noise Reduction: Planetary dc motor is known for their quiet operation, which is beneficial for facial machines to provide a soothing and pleasant user experience.


12V 24V DC Gear Motor Model NFP-GA36Y-555 Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-GA36Y-555
Rotation CW/CCW
Rated voltage 12V DC / 24V DC
No-load speed 11rpm – 2,160rpm
Out power 12W – 24W
Max torque 100Kg.cm
No-load current 0.2A – 0.53A
Output shaft diameter 6mm, 8mm
Weight 374g – 479g
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