12V 20MM Diameter Small DC Motor Used For Electric Toothbrush

Small DC Motors Provide Solutions For Cleaning Teeth
The electric toothbrush drives the toothbrush through electricity, and the built-in DC motor NFP- 2033-ST-TT-F9603-4.5 drives the brush head and uses tens of thousands to tens of thousands of times per minute to swing the brush head to clean the teeth.​

When the electric toothbrush is working, the amplitude of vibration will not exceed the length of the tooth, so it can protect the gums.

Key Features of BLDC Vibration motor
-High frequency.
-large torque.
-Long time.
-Stable operation, small motor size.

Micro DC Motor Model NFP-2033-ST-TT-F9603-4.5 Data Sheet

Motor model: NFP- 2033-ST-TT-F9603-4.5
Rated Voltage: 12.0V DC
Motor Length: 33mm
Motor Diameter: 20mm
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Start Voltage: 2.0V DC
No-Load Speed: 20,000 ± 15% rpm
Stall Current: 3.5A
Stall Torque: 400g.cm
Shaft Type: Aluminum or Copper


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