Vibration Miniature Motor Acts On Robot

Thorvald robot replaces crop control fungicides, effectively controls powdery mildew in plants, provides anti-mold function, protecting your valuable strawberries/vines and other crops. Application of UV-C light treatment controls powdery mildew without chemical inputs by exposing plants to shortwave light. Among them, the robots use small but powerful  vibrators…..

What Is Small Vibration Motor?

Small vibrating motor is a type of electric motor specifically designed to generate vibrations or oscillations. It is commonly used in various applications that require mechanical vibrations as part of their functionality. Vibration motors are often small and compact, making them suitable for integration into devices and systems where space is limited.



What Effects Do Small Motors Give To Robot Thorvald?

Small vibration motor acts on the robot Thorvald by producing mechanical vibrations or oscillations. ERM motor NFP-RK370-DR consists of a small weight that is off-center from the motor’s shaft. As the motor spins, the off-center weight creates an unbalanced force, resulting in vibrations. These vibrations can be felt or used to create motion in the robot.

The motor is usually attached to a specific part of the robot, such as the chassis or an arm. When activated, the motor produces vibrations that can be used for different purposes. For example, in haptic feedback applications, the vibrations can provide tactile sensations to the user. In alert systems, the vibrations can act as a notification mechanism. In terms of motion, the vibrations can create small movements or oscillations in the robot.



Function Of DC Vibration Motor On Agricultural Robot

Alert notification: In agricultural robots, electric vibration motors can be used to generate alarm signals to alert the operator or farmer to a specific situation or event.
Operational feedback: Used to provide operational feedback, such as vibrating to convey information to the user or operator when the robot is completing a specific task or encountering difficulties. Call attention to a robot by generating vibrations when it malfunctions, requires maintenance, or requires operator intervention.
Vibration positioning: In some cases, used for positioning or navigation of robots.


What Types Of Vibration Motor Use In Sagarobotics Thorvald?


  • Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) Motors: LRA motors are typically used for applications that require precise control of vibrations. In Thorvald, LRA motors can be ·used to provide precise tactile feedback, such as vibration notifications or positioning feedback. By controlling the current in the electromagnetic coil, LRA motors can generate accurate linear vibrations.
  • Coin Vibration Motors: These compact motors are often used in small devices and robots. In Thorvald, coin vibration motors can be used to provide subtle vibrations or vibration alerts, such as alarms or notification mechanisms.
  • Brushless DC Motors: While primarily used for generating rotational motion, brushless DC motors can also be used to produce vibrations. In Thorvald, by controlling the speed and torque of the motor, brushless DC motors can generate vibrations for specific applications.



Stable And Reliable Micro Vibrator Motor Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-RK370-DR
Motor Diameter 24.0 mm
Motor Length 30.7 mm
Rated Voltage 6.0V DC, 12.0V DC, 24V DC
No Load Speed 6,000rpm, 8,500rpm
Application Robot, Massager, Medical Equipment


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