The Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor In 2024

Small Vibrating Motor NFP-N10VAZ-09190-18 Used For Blood Pressure Monitor 

The latest generation of blood pressure monitors is a wearable blood pressure monitor. It has a built-in Small vibration motor NFP-N10VAZ-09190-18 warn you when the heart rate is irregular or the blood pressure exceeds the limit in the morning. Driving this motor to provide vibration feedback to us, the blood pressure monitor is the best way to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Wearing a cuff on our upper arm, blood pressure data will be displayed on a high-precision sphygmomanometer to determine whether the body is healthy or not.

Key Features
1. Accurate blood pressure measurement data
2. Easy to wear
3. Pulse display, heart rate monitoring
4. Heart rate display + arrhythmia alarm
5. Early morning blood pressure warning

DC 3V Vibration Motors DC Vibrators Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-N10VAZ-09190-18
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Rotation CW
Copper load dimension Φ6mm x 4mm length
Speed 13,000rpm ± 15%
Current 120mA
Start voltage 0.5V DC
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