Low Voltage Compact Worm Drive Motor Perfect for Painting Robots

Whether marking lines on school playgrounds, football pitches, training grounds or sports centres, filed painting robot is an invaluable tool. It is an automated drawing robot that receives instructions—either from preset programs or a software interface———to select patterns or text for drawing. These robots are equipped with a precise and stable 5840 gear motor, high precision sensors, and control systems, enabling accurate execution of drawing tasks.

The micro worm gear motor can be used to drive a robot’s wheels or track systems, enabling the robot to move on various surfaces such as grass, soil, or hard ground. Precision movement and control are particularly crucial in field painting robots like the TinyLineMarker Sport or TinyLineMarker Pro X, which require precise drawing and movement paths.



Micro Worm Gearbox Motor Provides Sufficient Torque and Speed

The worm wheel motor offers significant advantages for robot applications:
—It provides high torque output relative to its size, making it suitable for driving robot joints and other mechanical components that require substantial torque.
—Additionally, the worm drive motor is high efficient in converting energy into mechanical power, contributing to extended robot’s operational time and battery life, , which is crucial for large-scale drawing tasks.
—Gear motor with worm drive compact size allows for integration into small spaces within the robot’s structure without compromising performance.
—Moreover, worm shaft motor’s smooth and stable operation due to worm gear design ensures precise movements in robotics.
—Lastly, the gearing mechanism enables precise control over speed and position, helps prevent errors or paint deviations, thereby enhancing operational safety, accurately and efficiency.



12V 6RPM Miniature Worm Drive Motor 5840-31ZY Data Sheet

12V worm gear dc motor provides large torque output, making it ideal for situations requiring substantial power transmission without the need for large gears. Its self-locking property prevents the load from driving gear motor backward, ensuring stable positioning and preventing back-driving in mechanical systems.

Small size design of worm gears, achieved through their high gear ratio in a single stage, saves space and simplifies mechanical assemblies. Their smooth operation, characterized by rolling contact between the worm and gear teeth, reduces noise and vibration, high performance transmission is essential for lift, hoists, robotic arms, medical devices.

Motor Model NFP-5840-31YS-D-1206
Gearbox Ratio 805:1
Rated Voltage 12V DC
No Load Speed 6 ± 10%rpm
No Load Current 0.22A Max
Rated Speed 4.5 ± 10%rpm
Rated Current 1.65A Max
Rated Torque ref
Stall Current 3.8A Max
Stall Torque Min
Rotation CW
Noise 58dB (L=300mm)
Weight 360g/unit
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