33mm Diameter 12V Small DC Motor Model NFP-37-520DC Used For Air Humidifier

Why Do We Need A Humidifier?
The humidifier has a built-in DC gear motor  NFP-37-520DC, which has stable performance and is easy to install. It is a device that can keep the indoor air moist. Especially in the dry winter, you will be more susceptible to respiratory diseases. Soon you will feel tired and your concentration will drop. The steam from this humidifier turns into a fine mist and flows in the room.​​​ Thereby maintaining optimal humidity, so you will reduce skin dryness.

The benefits of a humidifier as follows:

  • To ensure the best room air humidification.
  • The humidifier is beneficial to physical and mental health, Making your attention.
  • Ultrasonic atomization, quiet.
  • Efficient energy saving (only 5W) built-in LED lighting.
  • Safe To Use.

DC Motor Model NFP-37-520DC Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP-37-520DC
Rated Voltage: 6V,12V, 24V DC
No-load speed: 7-1280rpm
No-load current: 300mA
Max torque: 16KG.cm
Weight: 170g


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