Which Smart Sweeper Is The Most Worry-Free To Choose?

With the rapid development of various smart homes in recent years, smart sweepers play a very high position in smart homes. The sweeping robot forms a vacuum in the main unit through the high-speed rotation of a 12V DC gear motor NFP-R-520DC, thereby generating a high-speed airflow, which can bring the garbage into the tuyere and suck it into the main unit.

The Working Principle Of The Smart Sweeper
The intelligent sweeper adopts a transmission structure of a DC gear motor. With the addition of a driver, the speed of the gear transmission can be adjusted to control the intelligent sweeper

Key Features Of The Micro DC motor

  • High efficiency, large transmission power, long lifetime, stable operation, Durable.

DC Gear Motor Typical Applications:

-Vending Machine, Smart Home, office Equipment, Mahjong Machine

– Automatic Grill, Automatic Drying Rack, Parking Lock, Medical Equipment

DC Gear Motor 12V Model NFP-37-520DC Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP-37-520DC
Rated Voltage: 6V,12V, 24V DC
No-load speed: 7-1280rpm
No-load current: 300mA
Max torque: 16KG.cm
Weight: 170g


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