Using Encapsulated Motor To Bt-Sonic Cleaning Brush

The bt-sonic ultrasonic cleansing brush range utilizes advanced technologies for effective skin cleansing and exfoliation. Its uniquely designed triangular head, combined with antimicrobial silver ion-infused silicone bristles and ultrasonic vibrations, ensures a deep cleanse. By powerfully shaking off impurities, dead cells, and pollutants, it promotes radiant skin without over-exfoliating.

Powerful vibration motor NFP-E6620 delivers optimum performance while intelligently extending battery life. Enjoy the freedom of a cordless battery powered face exfoliator, free from bulky charging cords. High quality VIB waterproof motor which ensures effective deep cleansing and has twice the lifespan than others. Sufficient power provides customers with 2 times the cleaning effect.



How Waterproof Vibration Motor Work?

Waterproof vibration motor works based on the same fundamental principles as a regular vibration motor, but with added design elements and materials to ensure it remains functional and protected in wet or submerged conditions. 👉🏻Production Process

Waterproofing Measures
Encapsulation: The motor components are encapsulated in a waterproof material, which might be a specific type of plastic or resin. This prevents water from reaching the internal parts of the motor.
Seals and Gaskets: All openings or points of entry are sealed with water-resistant gaskets or seals. This includes the points where wires enter the motor housing.
Corrosion-Resistant Materials: To further ensure longevity, the materials used (especially for the outer housing and any exposed metal parts) are often corrosion-resistant. This is important because even if water doesn’t enter the motor, corrosion can still be a concern, especially in saltwater environments.
Conformal Coating: The internal circuitry or components may have a thin protective film known as a conformal coating. This protects the electronics from moisture and prevents short circuits.

Operation in Wet Conditions
Once powered, the encapsulated vibration motors operate like any other vibration motor. However, due to the protective measures mentioned above, it remains unaffected by the presence of moisture or even complete submersion (up to the rated depth and time, as specified by the manufacturer).



DC Vibration Motor Best Practices From Beauty Equipment

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Enclosed vibration motor provides better performance. The lightweight design bt-sonic is CE safety compliant and designed with IPX6 water resistant rating for worry free use in the shower. Ideal for home use and on the go. Say goodbye to dull and dehydrated skin with the bt-sonic.



How We Can Change Miniature Vibration Motor Performance?

✔️Voltage Adjustment: Increasing or decreasing the supplied voltage can change the speed and intensity of the motor. However, always stay within the manufacturer’s specified voltage range to avoid damaging the motor.

✔️Use Drive Circuitry: Employing an adjustable drive circuit can help control the motor’s current and speed, thereby allowing you to fine-tune the vibrational intensity.

✔️Mechanical Damping: Using mechanical damping materials can reduce or modulate the vibration intensity. This might involve adding soft pads or isolating mounts to the motor or the device it’s housed in.

✔️Encapsulation: Encapsulating or housing the motor can change its vibrational characteristics, especially if the encapsulation is made of a damping material.

✔️PWM Control: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is an effective way to control the speed and intensity of a DC vibration motor. A PWM controller can provide varying voltage levels to the motor, offering precise control over its performance.

When making any adjustments, always refer to the specifications and guidelines. Overloading, overheating, or over-volting a motor can lead to permanent damage or reduced lifespan.



New Haptic Feedback Vibration Motor

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Motor Model NFP-E6620
Motor Length 50mm
Motor Diameter 6.6mm
Motor Length 20mm
Rated Voltage 3V DC
Rated Current <50mA
Rated Speed 12,000rpm
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