6mm-planetary-gear-motor-used-for-smart-electronic lock

6mm Precision Gear Motor Model NFP-609-5.14-0675 Used For Smart Electronic Lock

Say goodbye to the key and enjoy a convenient life
The smart fingerprint door lock is smart security for household smart consumer products. It has a simple and stylish appearance, automatically wakes up, and opens with the touch of a finger. Say goodbye to the key. The 6mm precision gear motor NFP- 609-5.14-0675 is an important part of the electronic door lock. If the fingerprint password is entered incorrectly continuously, the system will automatically alarm to protect the safety of the family.

Features of planetary gear motors
The 6mm planetary gear motor has ultra-low noise and high reliability. Stable operation, long lifetime and other characteristics. Small DC gear motors can be customized for customers

There are 4 ways to open the smart electronic door lock
1. Password
2. Fingerprint
3. Swipe Card
4. Key

6mm Planetary Gear Motor Model NFP-609-5.14-0675 Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP- 609-5.14-0675
Total Weight: 1.6g
Motor Voltage Range: 2.5-5.0V
L1 (Motor Body + Gearbox): 15.1mm
L2 (Motor Body): 9.3mm
Shaft Diameter: 2.0mm; D-section=1.5mm
Shaft Length: 2.7mm
Motor Rated Voltage: 3.0V
Motor Speed (Approx): 33,000 rpm
Gearbox Number Of Layers: 1
Gearbox Gear Ratio: 1:5.14
No Load Speed: 6,420 rpm
No Load Current (Approx): 60mA
Output Max Torque (Approx): 5g.cm


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