6mm Planetary Gear Motor Using In Secure Locking Systems

Incorporate Small DC Motor With Gearbox Into Secure Locking Systems

Exma Duo locking system is the greatest security and flexibility
Today, Exma provides the highest quality products in all areas from high-security facilities to private residences. The safety locking system requires high-precision drivers. Our 6mm smallest gear motor NFP-609-699-0675 is the solution for Exma Duo, compact size and easy to install In mechanical and electronic locks and access control systems.

The Functions Of Secure Locking System

1. Exma Duo is easy to install without wiring or perforating the door.
2. All passengers carrying tags, cards and or codes are recorded in the device’s memory.
3. Provide users with maximum security and easy management (if the tag is lost, it can be removed from the device to ensure that no unauthorized person enters the room.)
4. Can be used even when the power is off.

Function Of 6mm Planetary Gear Motor

1. Torque Amplification: Planetary gear motor systems are known for their ability to amplify torque. Achieve high gear reduction ratios, allowing them to provide high torque output even at low rotational speeds.
2. Compact Size: Planetary gear arrangement enables a high gear reduction ratio within a relatively small package. This is especially useful in applications where space is limited.
3. Precision and Accuracy: Better precision and accuracy in controlling rotational movements. The load on motor shaft is distributed among multiple planet gears, reducing wear and increasing lifespan of motor.
4. Quiet Operation: More quietly compared to other types of gear systems, making it suitable for applications where noise is a concern.
5. Versatility: Apply in robotics, consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive components, and more.

3 Volt Electric Motors With Gear Reduction Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-609-699-0675
L1 (Motor Body + Gearbox) 20.5mm
L2 (Motor Body) 9.3mm
Wire Length 50mm
Shaft Diameter Φ2.0mm; D-section=1.5mm
Shaft Length 2.7mm
Total Weight 1.9g
Motor Voltage Range 2.5-5.0V
Motor Rated Voltage 3.0V
Motor Speed (Approx) 33,000 rpm
Gearbox Number Of Layers 4
Gearbox Gear Ratio 1:699.5
No-Load Voltage 3.0V
No-Load Speed 47 rpm
No-Load Current (Approx) 60mA
Output Max Torque (Approx) 220g.cm


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