6mm DC Precision Gear Motors

6mm Diameter miniature gear motor is the same thickness as a pencil. There are 4 different length options.


Because the length of the gearbox is different, it is divided into 1 stage (ratio 5:1), 2 stages (ratio 25:1), and 3 stages. (ratio 136:1),  4 stages (ratio 699:1), the smaller the reduction ratio, the greater the speed, the smaller the torque, the greater the reduction ratio, the smaller the speed, the greater the torque, learn more.

6mm Planetary Gear Motor List

There are 4 types of 6mm planetary gear motors, (Motor Body + Gearbox) 15mm-20mm Length. We have 3D drawings available for you to insert the product prototype into solidworks projects. Application:Consumer Electronic Products,Models,Personal Care Product,Automatic door lock,etc.

Non-Standard 6mm Precision Gear Motor List

The following list is the 6mm dc gear motor with connectors, custom design wire length. You can choose the existing molding products as follows, or you can contact us to obtain the custom wiring length or different models of connectors.

What’s The Meaning Of Transmission Ratio N1 N2 D2 D1?

When we consider the use of gear motors, the issue that must be considered is the transmission ratio. So how to calculate transmission ratio? what’s the meaning of N1 N2 D2 D1?


i means transmission ratio or gear ratio


N1 – drive gear speed
D1 – driving gear diameter
  driving gear tooth number

N2 – driven gear speed
D2 – driven gear diameter
Z2 – driven gear tooth number


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