6mm Precision Gear Motor Used For Invue Security

Precision Gear Motor Is Applied To Smart Commodity Lock

Recently with the COVID-19 crisis, when everyone has their OneKEYs in the store. Will not share the OneKEYs, so the health risks of employees can be minimized.InVue provides retailers with retail security solutions to protect high-theft items on display and increase sales. InVue ecosystem assigns unique codes and has a timeout function to improve security. Tablet holders and mPOS solutions suitable for enterprises can ensure that tablets are charged, safe, and ready to interact with customers. Software used to measure and control internal theft, customer engagement, And interaction.InVue ecosystem internal parts include 6mm dc motor NFP-609-699-0675. Our precision gear motor works smoothly and is highly efficient. They support InVue applications. Gear motors reduce design complexity and high application costs and improve the theft safety of retailers’ intelligent automation.

Key  Features and advantages

  • Independent code, 12-hour timeout function, greater protection, and the ability to create areas and audit.
  • Enable employees to better serve customers through single-key access and reduce waiting time.
  • Manage employees through The InVue ecosystem to reduce internal theft.
  • Data stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time.


6mm Gear Motor Model NFP-609-699-0675 Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-609-699-0675
L1 (Motor Body + Gearbox) 20.5mm
L2 (Motor Body) 9.3mm
Wire Length 50mm
Shaft Diameter Φ2.0mm; D-section=1.5mm
Shaft Length 2.7mm
Total Weight 1.9g
Motor Voltage Range 2.5-5.0V
Motor Rated Voltage 3.0V
Motor Speed (Approx) 33,000 rpm
Gearbox Number Of Layers 4
Gearbox Gear Ratio 1:699.5
No-Load Voltage 3.0V
No-Load Speed 47 rpm
No-Load Current (Approx) 60mA
Output Max Torque (Approx) 220g.cm
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