775 Electric Brush DC Motor With Gear Used For Trim Tab Systems Hydraulic And Electric

775 Brushed DC Motor Used For Trim Tabs

Bennett Marine is the authority in trim tab systems, hydraulic and electric. Our products are renowned for durability and dependability, with a warranty and customer support second to none. Experience the Bennett Advantage. Built-in 775 dc motor NFP-RC-775SHP-7413-95F. The function of the motor is vibration feedback, hold the scenery, touch the ATP activation tag to make the boat sail in the correct posture

The interior of the trim tab system is airtight, with no exposed wires. The trim label system damaged by the sea has been carefully designed to adapt to the customization of all ships. The Trim Tab weighs nearly 30 pounds and is reinforced by high-quality stainless steel sheets.

Key  Features and advantages

  • Global distribution.
  • Suitable for luxury motor yachts, military, government, sports fishing and commercial vessels from 9 m (30 ft) to 38 m (120 ft).
  • All trim label systems can be customized.



12V RS 775 DC Motor Datasheet Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-RC-775SHP-7413-95F 12VDC With Gears Installed
Rated voltage 12V DC
Rated load 500g.cm
Direction of rotation CCW
Operating voltage range DC 4.0 – 18.0V DC
No load speed 1,5500 rpm ± 10%
No load current 2.5A max
Rated load speed 13,200 rpm ± 10%
Rated load current 10A max
Starting voltage 2.0V max
Stall current 40.0A max
Stall torque 3,300g.cm/min
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