Tiny Vibration Motors Inside Bond Touch

9mm Pancake Tiny Vibration Motor Inside Bond Touch Application-Pair Of Bracelets

Touch the connection bracelet and beat the distance
Bond Touch is an application that supports pair of bracelets. It keeps in touch with others through the touch behavior of the Bond Touch bracelet. No matter where you are, the bracelet has a built-in BLDC vibration motor NFP-WS0934. The brushless coin vibration motor is small, easy to use and install. By touching the application, you will receive vibration feedback to the other party, and the bracelet will glow. Share intimate moments with you.

Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, bind the touch application function, connect your Bond Touch bracelet to your phone and contact person, choose a partner, and after receiving your touch, the Bond Touch bracelet will light up in color to let them know you are thinking of them right now.

New features of the Bond Touch app
–Share text messages, secrets and pictures
–Every time you touch the bracelet, it will glow
–View the touch history, you can replay the touch history
–View the location of the touched contact person and the weather conditions in that city

3V Vibration Motor Model NFP-WS0934 Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP – WS0934
Motor Diameter: 9mm
Motor Thickness: 3.4mm
Rated Voltage:                               3.0V DC
Voltage Range: 2.7V – 3.3V DC
Lifetime: 0.5s on 0.5s off as one cycle, 500,000+ cycles
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force: 1.0G+


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