Spur Gearbox Motor With Encoder Model NFP-JGA12-N20-EN Used For Edwards HemoSphere Monitor

Spur Gearbox Motor With Encoder Model NFP-JGA12-N20-EN Used For Edwards HemoSphere Monitor



Edwards HemoSphere Emodynamic Monitor Gearbox

In Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems, N20 gear motors NFP-JGA12-N20-EN are used in various components for precision movement and control. For instance, in devices like the HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform, motors could be involved in the mechanical operation of sensors, cuffs, or catheters. They might assist in the accurate positioning of these elements, ensuring reliable data collection and monitoring of the patient’s cardiovascular status. The precise operation of these components essential for patient care in critical conditions. The NFP gearbox enables body ensures that emodynamic monitor are stable, comfortable, and convenient.

In the case of transcatheter heart valve systems, like the EVOQUE transcatheter tricuspid valve replacement system, micro gear motors could play a role in the deployment mechanisms of the valve replacement devices. These motors would need to be highly precise and reliable, as they would be responsible for the controlled deployment and positioning of the valve within the heart.



Gear Reduction Motor For Medical & Laboratory Equipment

The medical industry places high demands on electromechanical drives: precise, small size, energy-efficient, and low-noise. NFP has designed and optimized micro transmission modules and precision gear parts – spur gears, planetary gearboxes worm gearboxes that can be customized for the desired motors, serve performance-critical motion applications with a broad offering of miniature electronic motor product technologies – DC motors, BLDC gear motors, worm gear motors, coreless motors etc. There are four different transmission changes available for the gearbox structure: one-stage, two-stage, three-stage and four-stage.



Brushed Gear Motor With Encoder Values


Motor Model NFP-JGA12-N20-EN
Rated Voltage 3V / 6V / 12V DC
No Load Speed 7.5rpm – 6,000rpm
No Load Current 0.017A – 0.035A
Output Power 0.2A – 2.4W
Shaft Diameter Φ3mm x L10mm
Rotation CW / CCW
Ratio 5:1 – 1,000:1
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Exploring the Role of Electric Vibrating Motors in Modern Device BLS Buzzers

Exploring the Role of Electric Vibrating Motors in Modern Device BLS Buzzers


Choosing Right Small Vibrating Motor For Remote Tactile BLS Buzzers

Remote Tactile BLS Buzzers are designed for remote tactile bilateral stimulation (BLS) therapy, especially for psychotherapists and their clients. These devices deliver vibrations of varying intensities and speeds and can be controlled from a computer without the need for additional software. They support 40 different vibration intensity levels, 20 speed levels, and configurable pause times between vibrations on both sides. Suitable for both remote and in-person therapy settings.

In BLS equipment, the main function of the NFP-P0615-4302 small erm motor is to generate vibration. These vibrations are transmitted to the user through the device, providing tactile stimulation during psychotherapy sessions. The coreless motor can adjust the intensity and speed of vibrations to suit different users’ needs and treatment plans. In this way, the BLS device uses the vibrations generated by the 3v vibrating motor to assist the treatment process and enhance the therapeutic effect.

Cylindrical ERMs are best mounted inside to vibrate towards the users grasp at all times. These are easily fitted inside the main section of the tactile buzzers. The low profile of 6mm dia motors coupled with vibrations in small mass make them an ideal choice.



High Speed NFP-motors Miniature Motors: From Alerts To Haptic Feedback

Remote Tactile BLS Buzzers are typically operated by psychotherapists to control the frequency and intensity of vibrations, while patients wear or touch the devices to receive therapy. This setup allows the therapist to adjust the way the device works based on the needs and patient response during treatment.

Full-body vibration of the 615 motor, the placement of the vibration source is flexible and provides clear tactile feedback; it is strong enough to overcome the damping of external materials. This can help by making sure the vibrations are pointed towards the user.

BLS Remote buzzers is a commendable tool in psychotherapy, especially in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety disorders. The NFP-P0615-4302 engine in the device achieves bilateral stimulation by generating brief vibrations that are not used to physically relax muscles but are used as a therapeutic method to help relieve psychological trauma, anxiety or related mood disorders.



DC Vibration Motors in Electronics Enhancing User Experience

Designed to provide vibrating feedback. These devices translate alerts or commands from the therapist into physical sensations, such as vibrations, which the patient can feel. This haptic feedback helps in the therapeutic process, especially when direct physical interaction is not possible, like in remote therapy sessions. The buzzers enhance the therapy experience by creating a tangible connection between the therapist’s guidance and the patient’s sensory experience.

The purpose of vibration is to assist in the psychotherapeutic process by stimulating bilateral areas of the brain, rather than in the traditional sense of massage relaxation. This is a therapeutic technique thought to help the brain reprocess traumatic memories during therapy. When these devices vibrate, they simulate manual bilateral stimulation in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), which can help reduce trauma-related stress and anxiety symptoms.




Mini Vibration Motors: Compact Powerhouses for Portable Devices

How does a vibration motor work?

Coreless vibration motor operates by utilizing electromagnetic principles to generate vibrations. It operates without a central core, distinguishing it from traditional vibration motors. At its core (pun intended), it involves a coil of wire, a small mass, and the interaction between them. These rapid oscillations of the mass are what generate the vibrations within the eccentric rotating mass vibration motor. These vibrations are not limited to just the coil and mass; they are transmitted through the motor’s housing.

Tiny vibration motors have found their way into numerous devices and gadgets, including smartphones, smart watches, headphones, tablets, speakers, game controllers/handles, VR/AR, car seats/alarm systems, vibration reminders in washing machines, where they provide haptic feedback to enhance the user experience.

Motor Model NFP-P0615-4302
Motor Diameter 6mm ± 0.05mm
Motor Body Length 15.4mm ± 0.2mm
Rated Load R – 3mm x L – 4.5mm
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Rated Current ≤ 80mA
Rated Speed 10,000 ± 15%rpm
Start Voltage ≤ 0.8V DC
Stall Current ≤ 130mA
Rotation CW
Resistance > 5MΩ
Shaft End Play 0.05mm – 0.3mm
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High Speed Coreless DC Brush Motor Model NFP-D0617 Used In Drones

High Speed Coreless DC Brush Motor Model NFP-D0617 Used In Drones


Low Current Coreless Motor Utilize In SKYDIO DRONES

The smart sensors for a Skydio drone this small, piloted by the most advanced AI in the sky. To get the data you need, wherever and whenever you need it. The high efficient motors model NFP-D0617 and folding 3-blade design of the Skydio drones delivers a quiet flight profile, at the same time allowing for top speeds of up to 45 mph in stable air.




Coreless motors reduce energy loss due to friction and wear. This means they can provide more thrust , which is very important for drones because it is directly related to flight time and payload capacity.





The small size and stable internal structure make micro coreless motor run more smoothly and quietly, especially in situations where low-noise operation is required (such as movie shooting, wildlife monitoring, etc.).





We only produce high quality coreles motor for drones with fast response, specially customized for corporate customers. Rotational speed can be adjusted quickly, which is crucial for the stable flight and control of the drone.





Engineers professionally design precise coreless motors to dissipate heat more effectively, which helps prevent the drone from overheating during long-term operation.




Only high-quality raw materials are used in coreless brushed motor to maximize the lifespan of drone, which means the drone costs less in terms of maintenance and replacement parts.


6mm Coreless DC Motor Data Sheet

  • Our advantage

⚙️Innovative technology: Focus on the latest coreless motor industry advantages and continuously develop more efficient and durable small dc motor solutions.
⚙️Custom solutions: Meet specific application requirements, whether size, power or special feature requirements.
⚙️Quality Assurance: Through strict quality control processes, our quality assurance means increased reliability and longer service life.
⚙️Exceptional Customer Service: From product selection to after-sales support, our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience.
⚙️Environmental protection: The design focuses on energy efficiency and focuses on the production of energy-saving and environmentally friendly motors to help customers reduce energy consumption while reducing environmental impact.
⚙️Competitive Prices: Although we provide high-quality products, we also understand the importance of market competition. Therefore, we strive to keep our prices competitive and provide you with the best value for money.

Motor model NFP-D0617
Motor Diameter 6mm ± 0.1mm
Motor Body Length 16.6mm ± 0.2mm
Motor Total Length 21.1mm ± 0.3mm
Rated Voltage 3.4V DC
No-Load Current ≤120mA
No-Load Speed 53,000 ± 10%rpm
Starting Voltage ≤0.8V
Stall Current ≤4.5A
Rotation CW
Motor Output Shaft Length 4.4mm ± 0.3mm
Shaft Diameter Φ0.8mm
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Coreless Vibration Motor NFP-P0612-4410 Used In Radionuclide Identifying Device

Coreless Vibration Motor NFP-P0612-4410 Used In Radionuclide Identifying Device


Mini Vibrating Motor For Handheld Measuring Instrument RID

Explore the remarkable capabilities of the Target F501, detect a wide spectrum of radiation sources. This cutting-edge device excels in identifying gamma, beta, neutron, and cosmic radiation from natural and artificial origins. With unmatched precision, it distinguishes special nuclear material, industrial, medical, and naturally occurring radioactive sources. Moreover, the Target F501 provides accurate measurements of x-ray and gamma exposure.

Tailored for use in nuclear power plants, decommissioning, nuclear fuel cycles, waste management, and radioprotection, the Target F600 is specifically designed to fully characterize and track objects. It effortlessly handles surfaces, radioactive waste bags, drums, large boxes, and various items encountered in these activities, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Cylindrical vibration motors play an important role in radionuclide identification equipment, especially in portable or handheld devices.

  • Dynamic feedback: Small vibrating motors can be used as vibration feedback devices for user interfaces. When the device detects radionuclides, the miniature vibration motor can generate a vibration signal to convey information to the user that the radioactive material has been detected and increase the user’s alertness.
  • Alarm systems: Micro vibration motors can be used as part of alarm systems for radionuclide identification equipment. When the device detects radioactive material, the electric vibration motor can trigger, producing a vibrating alarm to alert the user or operator to possible radiation hazards.
  • Positioning guidance: Tiny vbration motors can be used to provide directional guidance when locating radionuclide sources. Through different vibration modes or vibration frequencies, the micro vibrating motor can help users determine the direction of the radiation source and improve positioning accuracy.
  • User experience: The use of dc vibration motors can enhance the user experience of the device. Through tactile feedback, users can more intuitively perceive the working status of the device, increasing their confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the device.



Radionuclide Identifying Device Accurate Radiation Detection Solutions

Explore Radionuclide Identifying Device, offering precise and reliable radiation detection. Designed for various applications, device ensures safety and accuracy in radioactive material identification. The device boasts a fully sealed and waterproof design, ensuring exceptional performance on land, in water, and even underwater. It can withstand diving depths of up to 10 meters and endure drops from a height of 1 meter, making it incredibly durable and versatile in challenging environments.

RIDcontrol™ is a user-friendly app designed for remote control, management, and configuration of RID. With this application, users can conveniently operate and optimize RID devices from a distance, enhancing efficiency and convenience in various scenarios.



3V DC Micro Vibration Motor Datasheet

Elevate your radionuclide identification devices with our high-performance cylindrical vibration motors. Designed for precision, durability, and seamless integration, these motors enhance the efficiency of your devices. Experience reliable, vibration-enhanced accuracy in radionuclide identification with our advanced cylindrical motors.

Motor Model NFP-P0612-4410
Load Current ≤ 80mA
Load Speed 11,000rpm  ± 3,000rpm
Start Voltage ≤ 0.8V DC
Stall Current ≤ 180mA
Rotation CW
Resistance at 100V >5MΩ
End Play 0.05mm – 0.3mm
Motor Diameter Ø6.0mm ± 0.05mm
Motor Length 12.2mm ± 0.2mm
Total Length 18.3mm ± 0.3mm
Rated Voltage 3V DC
Ecc. mass length L – 4mm
Ecc. Weight Radius R – 3mm
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Empower Cash System With Reliable NFP-RK-525 Brushed DC Motor

Empower Cash System With Reliable NFP-RK-525 Brushed DC Motor



Upgrade Paycomplete Coin Sorter With Reliable Brush Electric Motors

Paycomplete Coin sorting machine ICP/ICX Active-9 is an automated equipment used to classify and sort coins of different denominations according to predetermined rules. These machines are commonly used in places such as commercial establishments, banks, supermarkets, amusement parks and public transportation systems. This equipment can improve the efficiency of coin processing and reduce the need for manual operations. It is especially suitable for situations where large amounts of coins need to be processed frequently.

Coin sorters use technology such as sensors, rotating disks and robotic arms to quickly and accurately separate mixed coins into different denominations and then store them in the corresponding warehouse or container.

Traditional brushed direct current (DC) motors are mainly used to drive various moving parts in coin sorters, such as conveyor belts, rotating disks, sorting devices, etc.

  • Conveyor Drives: Brushed dc motors are often used to drive conveyor belts that transport coins from one location to another, allowing the coins to enter the sorting system.
  • Rotary Disk Drive: If the coin sorter contains a rotating disk, a brush electric motor is used to drive the rotating motion of the rotating disk to individually arrange the mixed coins for easy entry into the sorting system.
  • Sorting unit drive: A electric brushed dc motor drives the movement of the sorting unit, ensuring coins are accurately sorted and placed into the correct warehouse or aisle.



Efficient 12V High Speed Brushed Motors: Explore Top Choices

Why 12V brushed dc motors are widely used for ?

Cost-Effectiveness: They are cost-efficient to produce, making them popular for mass production and various applications where budget considerations are crucial.

Ease of Control: Their speed and direction can be easily controlled with basic electronic circuits, making them adaptable to a wide range of devices and systems.

Good Starting Characteristics: Permanent magnet dc motor NFP-RK-525 provide high starting torque, making them suitable for applications requiring instant start and stop, such as household appliances and power tools.

Versatility: They find applications in diverse fields, including household appliances, industrial machinery, automotive, aerospace, and more, due to their ability to meet various power and speed requirements.

Simplicity in Maintenance: Compared to other motor types, high torque brushed DC motors are relatively easy to maintain, typically requiring regular brush replacements and bearing lubrication.

Stability: The design of brushed dc electric motor has been refined over years, ensuring stability, reliability, and durability, making them a preferred choice in many industries and consumer products.NFP-RK-525-dc-motor-use-in-cash-center-system


Innovative Brushed DC Motors – High Performance Low Cost

What usually determines brush type dc motor life?

Brush life: Use carbon brushes to make contact with the rotating motor rotor to transfer current. Over time, brushes gradually wear down from friction and abrasion. Its life is usually measured in “hours of use” and depends on the load, rotation speed and operating environment during use.

Bearing life: The bearings inside the motor are also critical components for life. Bearings wear with use, especially when operating at high speeds or with high loads. Regular lubrication and maintenance extend bearing life

Model NFP-RK-525-08151S NFP-RK-525-0842 NFP-RK-525-54251 NFP-RK-525-52122
Voltage Range 6V – 36V 6V – 36V 12V – 36V 6V – 24V
Nominal Voltage 24V 12V 24V 12V
No-load Speed 5,700RPM 6,450 RPM 4,000RPM 4,000RPM
No-load Current 0.11A 0.42A 0.06 A 0.20A
Max Efficiency Speed 4,613RPM 5,131RPM 3,305RPM 3,226RPM
Max Efficiency Current 0.39A 0.96A 0.27A 0.59A
Max Efficiency Torque 118g.cm 136g.cm 116g.cm 127g.cm
Max Efficiency Torque 11.57mN.m 13.33mN.m 11.37mN.m 12.45 mN.m
Max Efficiency Output 5.59W 7.15W 3.93W 4.20W
Max Efficiency 63% 64% 64% 60%
Stall Current 1.81A 4.21A 1.26A 2.63A
Stall Torque 688g.cm 727g.cm 666g.cm 704g.cm
Stall Torque 67.45mN.m 71.72mN.m 65.29mN.m 69.02mN.m
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