Efficient Miniature Vibration Motor – Best for Haptic Feedback Solutions

Tiny DC vibration motor NFP-180SH-42 is a crucial component in the Rezzimax Tuner, designed for therapeutic applications. This motor generates high-frequency vibrations that help in relieving pain and stress by stimulating nerve endings and increasing blood circulation.

Small vibrating motor has compact size and high efficiency make it perfect for handheld devices like the Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro II Kit , which targets specific areas such as the neck, head, and shoulders to alleviate tension and chronic pain. This small motors ideal for personal care devices like, consistent performance ensures reliable and effective therapy, enhancing the user’s overall well-being.


Reliable Micro Vibration Motor – Perfect for Precision Applications


How this mini motor enhances Rezzimax Pain Tuner’s performance:

  1. Muscle Relaxation: Small vibrators help relax tense muscles, relieving stiffness and soreness.
  2. Pain Reduction: By improving blood circulation and stimulating nerves, miniature vibrating motor alleviates headaches and neck pain.
  3. Stress Relief: Soothing vibrations contribute to overall relaxation, lowering stress levels.
  4. Enhanced Healing: Promotes better blood flow, aiding in healing and reducing inflammation.
  5. Targeted Therapy: Allows precise application of vibrations to specific areas for effective pain relief and muscle relaxation.


Neck Massager Motor Model NFP-180SH-42 Data Sheet


These small vibrating motors provide tactile feedback, often referred to as haptic feedback, which can signal various alerts and notifications through subtle vibrations. For instance, in smartphones, a coin motors / LRA Linear resonant actuators / BLDC dc brushless vibration motor alerts users to incoming calls, messages, or app notifications even in silent mode. In gaming controllers, vibration feedback enhances the gaming experience by simulating real-world impacts, making the interaction more immersive. Similarly, in wearable devices like fitness trackers, small vibrations alerts can remind users to move or notify them of achieved fitness goals, ensuring discreet yet effective communication.

Motor Model NFP-180SH-42
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Load Speed 4,000RPM
Dimension Φ20.1mm x L32.0mm
Ecc. Weight Radius 10.1mm
Ecc. Weight Length 6.6mm
Amplitude 23G
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High-Performance Small Vibration Motor – Ideal for Compact Devices


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