Electric Brushed DC Motors

Brushed DC motors are simple, rugged, efficient and high RPMand they are easy to control. Additionally, brushed DC motors can operate at high speeds and are capable of producing high torque. They are less expensive than other types of motors. This type motors are currently the most commonly used because they are easy to miniaturize and provide good control of rotation together with high efficiency. Brushed motors are typically used in applications where cost and simplicity. Including electric vehicles, power tools, and household appliances.

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We provide customized services, such as shell material, end cover material, ball bearing or sleeve structure, low noise design, installation terminals, and wiring length can be customized.


Factory Direct Brushed DC Motors

High Quality Brushed DC Motors Preproduction

5 “Don’t”  2 “When”  2 “If”  While Using Brushed DC Motor

Don’t use the adhesive while mounting the motor. The residue may damage the bearings and cause the motor to run incorrectly.
Don’t overload the motor or attach anything in the output shaft that would block the motor from running.
Don’t store or use the motor in high temperatures or humid environment, avoid exposing it to corrosive gases. Improper storage may cause the motor to fail.
Don’t appear the enduring stall situation while motor running, as this will cause it to overheat and potentially break.

When weld, the temperature of the soldering iron should be between 300 and 380 degrees Celsius and the heating time should not be more than three seconds in order to avoid damaging the motor.
When input voltage, it shouldn’t fluctuate in order to maintain the motor’s performance.

If there is an external force on the shaft, it will affect the motor’s lifetime. Such as external vibration or an eccentric pinion will cause wear out more quickly.
If the installed screws are too long, the motor may not run properly.

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