Programable Vibration Motor Gives Bionic Hand Users The Most Effective Feedback

Alt-Bionics creates myoelectric bionic hands, also consider creating robotic hands, bionic legs, bionic eyes, bionic fingers, bionic ankles, bionic knees, and more. Each finger of the bionic hand has a pancake vibration motor, which means that each finger can have individual movements, the thumb has four degrees of freedom, but the wrist is fixed. There are six main grip modes as well as four sensors embedded in the fingertips that will be mapped proportionally to the LED ring on the back. If you shake your hand or press something, the LED will light up. Additionally, the color of the LEDs changes depending on how hard someone interacts with their hands. Furthermore, there are two ways of feedback, visual and tactile. Integrated tactile and visual feedback system allows users to receive real-time feedback from their environment, allowing them to better interact with it.


In bionics hand, coin vibraiton motor model NFP-FLAT-WS0934-L is used to provide haptic feedback to the user. It works by using an eccentric weight attached to the motor shaft. When the motor is activated, the weight begins to spin, causing the motor to vibrate. The vibration is then transmitted to the surface of the bionics hand, allowing the user to feel the sensation of touch.

In the bionics hand, the flat haptic motors are typically placed in the fingertips or other areas where the user needs to feel touch. When the hand comes into contact with an object, the motor is activated, providing the user with a sense of touch and helping them to grip and manipulate objects more effectively.


Bruhless vibration motor is a simple but effective technology that plays an important role in the development of bionics hand. By providing haptic feedback, it helps to create a more natural and intuitive experience for users, allowing them to interact with the world in a way that is similar to how they would with a biological hand.

Its strong points include low power consumption, high reliability, and a long lifespan. It is also small and lightweight, making it ideal for use in bionics hand. The brushless design eliminates the need for brushes and commutators, reducing maintenance and increasing durability. Overall, it is a versatile and reliable technology that provides tactile feedback and enhances the user experience in various applications. In addition, it is widely used inportable devices such as smartphones, gaming controllers, and glasses.


Making advanced prosthetics affordable with small vibration motor from MicroDCmotors store. The motors in the Altbionics hand are controlled by advanced algorithms that analyze sensor data and adjust the motor output accordingly. This allows for more precise and natural movements, as well as more accurate haptic feedback. MicroDCmotors small vibration motors in the Altbionics hand are a crucial component of the technology, play a key role in allowing the hand to grip and manipulate objects. By providing precise and powerful vibrations, providing the necessary force and control to perform a range of tasks, they enable users to interact with the world in a way that is similar to how they would with a biological hand.


Brushless Vibration Motor Model NFP-WS0934 Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-WS0934
Motor Diameter 9mm
Motor Thickness 3.4mm
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Voltage Range 2.7V – 3.3V DC
Lifetime 0.5s on 0.5s off as one cycle, 500,000+ cycles
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force 1.0G+
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