Pancake Vibrating Motor Utilize For COMBI SENSOR

BEEMEDIC Combination Sensor is a biofeedback device equipped with three sensors designed for precise and minimal-noise measurement of physiological stress indicators. These sensors are capable of measuring skin conductance, temperature, and heart rate from the user’s fingertip in order to monitor this information during neurofeedback therapy. This device is primarily intended for biofeedback applications, allowing users to gain insight into their physiological responses and stress levels.

In general, coin vibration motors are commonly used in medical sensor, they provide haptic feedback for user to alert or enhance experience. Model NFP-C0720 is the most common and commonly used motor, it can meet most tactile vibration feedback needs by light touch or induction.

NFP-C0720-coin vibrator-for-medical-bigfeedback

Bee Medic Combination Sensor Features

  • Measurement device for highly accurate recording of physiological stress parameters: skin conductance, temperature and heart rate
  • Functional housing, three integrated sensors and strap for attachment to the finger
  • Sensor measurement directly from the skin surface (finger)
  • Very easy handling
  • Integrated sensor-amplifier and signal processing electronics



Micro Vibration Motor Small DC Coin Vibrator

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Small Flat Coin Vibration Motor Information Sheet

Incorporating this small vibration motor into combination sensors, provide Vibrotactile biofeedback, used in other medical applications to aiding users in understanding and regulating physiological responses, making them valuable in stress management and health monitoring. If you are finding small vibration motor, don’t hesitate to chat with us. For motor details please view below👇

Model NFP-C0720
Diameter 7.0mm ± 0.1mm
Thickness 2.0mm ± 0.1mm
Rated voltage 3.0V DC
Voltage range 2.7V – 3.3V
Rated vibration speed 10,000rpm min
Rated current 85mA max
Start voltage 2.3V DC max
Rotation CW, CCW
Wire length 50mm
Operating environment -20~60°C
Storage environment -30~70°C
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