How to get your blood oxygen saturation and sleep status from the coin type vibration motor?

“This patented comfort ring sensor can monitor oxygen saturation SpO2 at night”, and can evaluate oxygen level and heart rate sleep and other health conditions through sleep or wakefulness.

How to connect this oxygen saturation monitor with Bluetooth?

Method 1: Download “WellOxy Mobile “app at Google Play,

Method 2: Download “WellOxy Mobile “app at App store

Through the Bluetooth linkage “WellOxy Mobile “app dynamically monitors SpO2, SpO2 drops more than 4% of the time, it allows you to manage all historical data about SpO2 night trend heart rate and sleep exercise. And share with your family and doctors as JPG. Data transmission via Bluetooth, keeping an eye on the health of family members at any time.

Smart Coin Type Vibration Motor Alarm
Track your SpO2’s smart coin type vibration motor system, SPO2 drops more than 4%, PR, etc. This can open the airflow to get more oxygen during sleep when the oxygen and heartbeat are not in danger. If your oxygen saturation drops below a certain level, this smart oxygen detector will send out a vibration alarm through the internal flat motor, which can prevent long-term hypoxia and sleep apnea. The principle is to remind you through vibration

What are the advantages of medical-grade sleep monitors?
[Advanced and reliable]: A well-made medical monitor can continuously monitor blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate, and monitor the effectiveness of CPAP and treatment effects.

[Portable]-Long battery life, up to 16 hours on a single charge. The volume is very small. Light weight, very suitable for home use and travel

3V Coin Type Vibration Motor -2mm Type Model MDM-C0720 Date Sheet

Body Diameter 7 mm [+/- 0.1]
Body Length 2.0 mm [+/- 0.1]
Rated Operating Voltage 3 V DC
Rated Vibration Speed 15,500 rpm [+/- 2,500]
Typical Rated Operating Current 90 mA Max
Typical Norm. Amplitude 1.10 G


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