NFP-C1234 Coin Vibration Motor Used In TRAXxs Insoles

Take Advantage Of 12mm Vibration Motor In TRAXxs Insoles

TRAXxs PTI Insoles are designed to enhance protection for lone workers
XSole PTI insoles have multi-operator SIM cards covering the world. In the event of verticality loss, automatic SOS, or other dangerous situations, the built-in Coin vibration motor NFP-C1234 will automatically send out vibration notifications, and the Insoles will transmit alarm messages to remind workers to enhance protection.

Small Vibration motor is used to protect TRAXxs Insoles
If XSole PTI insole detects an unusual position, the warning is to generate continuous vibration for the worker wearing the XSole PTI insole. If the person in danger does not respond, the insole will automatically sound an alarm to give workers special protection

Advantages of augmented protection by TRAXxs

  • The main protection objects are workers, supervisors and companies.
  • Ensure that the dead zone can be covered by remote Bluetooth, easy to use.
  • 100% hands-free worker protection, reducing protection costs and easy deployment.

Coin Type Vibration Motor Model NFP-C1234 Data Sheet

Motor Model NFP-C1234 wire length type
Motor Diameter 12.0mm ± 0.1mm
Motor Thickness 3.4mm ± 0.1mm
Rated Voltage 3.0V DC
Operating Voltage 2.3V – 4.0V DC
Rated Speed 11,000 ± 2,500rpm
Rated Current 80mA max
Rotation Direction CW (clockwise) or CCW (Contrary clockwise)
Operating Environment -20~+60°C,Ordinary Humidity
Storage Environment -30~+70°C,Ordinary Humidity
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force 1.65G
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