Mini Vibrating Motor For Handheld Measuring Instrument RID

Explore the remarkable capabilities of the Target F501, detect a wide spectrum of radiation sources. This cutting-edge device excels in identifying gamma, beta, neutron, and cosmic radiation from natural and artificial origins. With unmatched precision, it distinguishes special nuclear material, industrial, medical, and naturally occurring radioactive sources. Moreover, the Target F501 provides accurate measurements of x-ray and gamma exposure.

Tailored for use in nuclear power plants, decommissioning, nuclear fuel cycles, waste management, and radioprotection, the Target F600 is specifically designed to fully characterize and track objects. It effortlessly handles surfaces, radioactive waste bags, drums, large boxes, and various items encountered in these activities, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Cylindrical vibration motors play an important role in radionuclide identification equipment, especially in portable or handheld devices.

  • Dynamic feedback: Small vibrating motors can be used as vibration feedback devices for user interfaces. When the device detects radionuclides, the miniature vibration motor can generate a vibration signal to convey information to the user that the radioactive material has been detected and increase the user’s alertness.
  • Alarm systems: Micro vibration motors can be used as part of alarm systems for radionuclide identification equipment. When the device detects radioactive material, the electric vibration motor can trigger, producing a vibrating alarm to alert the user or operator to possible radiation hazards.
  • Positioning guidance: Tiny vbration motors can be used to provide directional guidance when locating radionuclide sources. Through different vibration modes or vibration frequencies, the micro vibrating motor can help users determine the direction of the radiation source and improve positioning accuracy.
  • User experience: The use of dc vibration motors can enhance the user experience of the device. Through tactile feedback, users can more intuitively perceive the working status of the device, increasing their confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the device.



Radionuclide Identifying Device Accurate Radiation Detection Solutions

Explore Radionuclide Identifying Device, offering precise and reliable radiation detection. Designed for various applications, device ensures safety and accuracy in radioactive material identification. The device boasts a fully sealed and waterproof design, ensuring exceptional performance on land, in water, and even underwater. It can withstand diving depths of up to 10 meters and endure drops from a height of 1 meter, making it incredibly durable and versatile in challenging environments.

RIDcontrol™ is a user-friendly app designed for remote control, management, and configuration of RID. With this application, users can conveniently operate and optimize RID devices from a distance, enhancing efficiency and convenience in various scenarios.



3V DC Micro Vibration Motor Datasheet

Elevate your radionuclide identification devices with our high-performance cylindrical vibration motors. Designed for precision, durability, and seamless integration, these motors enhance the efficiency of your devices. Experience reliable, vibration-enhanced accuracy in radionuclide identification with our advanced cylindrical motors.

Motor Model NFP-P0612-4410
Load Current ≤ 80mA
Load Speed 11,000rpm  ± 3,000rpm
Start Voltage ≤ 0.8V DC
Stall Current ≤ 180mA
Rotation CW
Resistance at 100V >5MΩ
End Play 0.05mm – 0.3mm
Motor Diameter Ø6.0mm ± 0.05mm
Motor Length 12.2mm ± 0.2mm
Total Length 18.3mm ± 0.3mm
Rated Voltage 3V DC
Ecc. mass length L – 4mm
Ecc. Weight Radius R – 3mm
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