Coreless Electric Motors Applications

Coreless DC motors are compact, lightweight, and efficient, making them perfect for drones, cameras, robotics, and precision devices. Their quick response, precision, and low maintenance ensure reliability in various applications.

DC Coreless Motor Application List

Applications Function/Role Applications Function/Role
Drones & UAV Propulsion and maneuverability Printer Assist with paper feed and print head movement
Camera System Lens focusing and stabilization Audiophile Equipment Enhance audio experiences in turntables
Medical Device Power surgical tools and devices HVAC System Control dampers in heating and cooling
Robotic Enable precise motion control Satellite Play a role in attitude control systems
Precision Instrument Used in gauges and measurement tools Electric Toothbrushes Create vibration for effective cleaning
Automotive Assist in power steering and mirrors Security Camera Enable pan and tilt mechanisms
Aerospace Use in actuation and control surfaces Modeling & Hobbyist Project Used in remote-controlled vehicles
Consumer Electronic Provide functionality in portable devices Medical Pump Precisely deliver fluids in medical devices
Gaming Device Deliver haptic feedback in controllers Optical Equipment Used in microscopes and telescopes