TORMADA™ is a new fun unmanned lightweight product application boat. Brush DC Motor NFP-RC-550AP-7123 is used as the fan driver of the product application boat, which has high speed, the ball bearing is not easy to overheat and has a long life of 800 hours.

Using a handheld remote control you can control fan speed and direction with TORMADA™, no product mixing, no sprayer, and less product exposure when treating weeds and algae.

Main features of TORMADA™ lightweight Boat

– Simple to operate and have fun while handling weeds
– No product mixing, no sprayer required
– Reduce exposure to products


12V 20,000RPM RS-550 Motor Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP-RC-550AP-7123
Voltage Range: 8V-16V
Rated Voltage: 12V
No-Load-Current: 1.3A
No-Load-Speed: 20,400RPM
Max Efficiency: 77.99%
Max Efficiency Current: 10.85A
Max Efficiency Speed: 18,217RPM
Max Efficiency Torque: 545.69g.cm
Stall Current: 90.55A
Stall Torque: 5100g.cm


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