All Kinds Of DC Gear Motors

The DC gear motor is a general DC motor plus a matching gearbox, also called a gear reducer. The role of the gearbox is to provide lower speed and higher torque. It usually has the characteristics of small size, low noise, durability, low energy consumption and long service life. Widely used in smart robots, electronic products, personal care tools, industrial automation equipment, smart homes, etc.


6mm Planetary Gear Motor

The small gear motor of the 609 series consists of a planetary gearbox and a DC coreless motor with a 6 mm diameter. Provide efficient and smooth operation with low noise.

Brushless Gear Motor

All kinds of small DC brushless gear motros

Spur Gear Motors

Here you can find our DC gear motors, customizable dc gear motor diameter, reduction ratio, etc. All DC gear motors are 100% quality tested and shipped by a professional QC group.

Worm Gear Motor

All kinds of worm gear motros

Planetary Gear Motor

All kinds of small DC planetary gear motros

Standard Gear Motor

All kinds of small DC gear motros

Plastic Gear Motor

All kinds of plastic gear motors.

Stepper Gear Motor

All kinds of stepper gear motors.