Guide Of Choosing Micro DC Motors List

Coin vibration motors are the most popular type, for their small sizes and enclosed vibrating mechanism. Widely used in mobile phones and wearable devices, it is available in sizes ranging from Ø7mm to Ø12mm.

There are three types of coin vibration motors, LRA (linear resonant actuator) model, BLDC – brushless DC model, ERM (eccentric rotating mass) model. Generally we talk about coin vibration motors, also called as shaftless, pancake, disc vibrator motors, is to say the ERM type. For it’s widely used in advanced wearable devices, smart watches. It can be made as either FPC mode or wire leads types. Custom design with or without foam pads & adhesive on the top or bottom of the coin motors. It was designed for wearable devices that requires vibration  feedback for alerting instead of physical buttons. Comparing with other ERMs, coin vibration motor are more compact and convenient to use.

Coin vibrating motors are the best choices for many wearable applications just because of their small sizes and enclosed vibration mechanism. They are great for haptic feedback, particularly in handheld instruments where space should be carefully considered. Unlike cylindrical vibration motor, eccentric rotating mass of coin motor is located inside the case shell, which will significantly reduces the thickness and provide a stronger closure to the motor. That’s why coin motor is so prevalent in Mobile and Handset fields.

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Coin Vibration Motors List

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