Small Haptic Feedback Motor NFP-P0615-PCB Used In StrongArm Device

Vast majority of their injuries could have been prevented that is why StrongArm exists. Made Safer by StrongArm Sensor, original end-to-end workforce optimization and risk management solution.

  • Injury Reduction (Prevent costly injuries before they happen by as much as 52%)
  • Proactive Intervention (Custom safety reports give you tangible insights into your people and facility)
  • Actionable Data (Safety data provides the baseline needed to effectively manage and keep people safe)
  • Behavior Change (Real-time safety alerts elevate risk awareness across your facilities quickly and efficiently)
  • Insurance Impact (Proprietary algorithm supports insurance carriers and brokers in selecting and pricing risk programs)

Frontline workers put their bodies on the line day in and day out. They are factory and warehouse workers, material handlers, grocery stockers, airport baggage handlers, delivery drivers, they are your mothers and fathers. Your sons and daughters, friends. Neighbors and so much more. So it’s important to invest in leading tech and tools to keep them safe, data-driven insights into health, performance and goals. Protection from preventable strain and injury, to return home safely every day.



Miniature ERM Motors are mainly used to provide tactile feedback to users through vibration, and can be used to enhance machines or applications that use sound or light for feedback. There is no doubt that erm motors model NFP-P0615-PCB are used in StrongArm wearing devices. Quick and easy engagement, user / operator feedback could be further enhanced with a vibration motor, real-time haptic feedback. Helping industrial athletes self-correct unsafe behaviors throughout the day, simple security metrics at your fingertips in an easy-to-use dashboard.




Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motor Model NFP-P0615-PCB

Motor Model NFP-P0615 With Through-Hole Pins
Motor Diameter 6mm
Motor Length 15mm
Rated Voltage 1.5V DC
Rated Speed 6,500rpm
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force 1.50G
More Detail Performance


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