Design Reasonable Motor Gearbox For Robot

In modern robots, commonly used types of small electric motors include brushless dc motor (BLDC) · stepper motor · brushed dc motor · small dc motor. Spur gear motors are indeed less common in some robotic applications, but there are still cases where they are used such as robotic arms or robotic vehicles that require high torque and low speed motion, small spur gear motors are a nice choice. unlimited-robotics is one and Model NFP-GM1024-N20VA is used for it.



Gearbox Motor Reducer Plays An Important Role In Unlimited-Robotics

  • Torque amplification: Gearbox motor reducers are used to increase the torque output of motors, allowing robots to exert greater force and handle heavier loads, such as lifting objects or manipulating tools.
  • Speed reduction: Robots often require slower and more controlled movements for tasks like precise positioning or delicate operations. The gearbox helps to achieve the desired speed and accuracy.
  • Power transmission: Speed reduction gear Motor that the motor’s power is effectively utilized and distributed, enabling the robot to perform its intended tasks with optimal efficiency.
  • Mechanical advantage: By utilizing different gear ratios electric gear box motor. They allow robots to achieve higher torque or speed outputs compared to the motor alone, enhancing their overall performance capabilities.

Automated service robot for retail, supermarkets, convenient stores and truck service stations.



Robot Gary for window cleaning, delivery, room service, concierge, replace worker to a certain extent.


Offering services such as cleaning, concierge, room service, sanitation and recommendations.



When you out of residence/home, not worry about your beloved plants more. Robot back watering.


Caring homes. Do house work – – Sweeping, help in time-saving and operational cost saving.



Automated service robot for hospitals, providing human staff with sufficient time to do other duties. 

Leave It To A Reliable DC Motor Gearbox Manufacturers

When it comes to finding reliable DC motor gearbox manufacturers, it’s important to consider factors such as quality, reputation, experience, and customer reviews. Microdcmotors will be your best cooperator.



2.4V 3V 6V 12V 24V 36V DC Small Gear Motor Supplier

Model NFP-GM1024-N20VA-13110 NFP-GM1024-N20VA-09220 NFP-GM1024-N20VA-05430
Voltage 2.4V 5.0V 12.0V
No-load speed 14,800rpm 14,800rpm 16,000rpm
No-load current 60mA 30mA 15mA
At maximum efficiency speed 12,000rpm 12,000rpm 12,500rpm
At maximum efficiency torque
At maximum efficiency current 200mA 120mA 60mA
Output 0.31W 0.31W 0.35W
Stall torque
Stall current 1.20A 0.52A 0.25A
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