Worm Electric Motor NFP-5840-31ZYS-D Used In LSMounts Fishing Device

LSMount increase the ability to find fish, structure, and stay on target even when your trolling motor turns. With LSMmounts you can scan for targets regardless of the direction of your trolling motor.

No other electronics has ever done before BUT mounted on a trolling motor they will not stay on target when your trolling motor turns. LSMount end the frustration of losing that perfect fishing spot when your trolling motor turns. Between the wind, boat drift precise positioning.

👉🏻:Leon and Bill with hands free livescope controller (LSMount) side by side

Strong 12 volt 6 rpm motor NFP-5840-31ZYS-D is installed in ISMounts, deploying with the trolling motor, provides immediate feedback and guide when fish are present, making it easy to catch. LSMounts have been installed on Bass Boats, Crappie Boats, Deep V, and Pontoons. These units are simple to install…generally no special holes to drill…no space needed for boxes and etc.



Self-Locking High Torque 12V DC Geared Motor

Motor Model NFP-5840-31YS-D
Rated Voltage 12V/ 24V DC
Rated Current 0.08A – 0.3A
No-load Speed 5rpm – 470rpm
Efficiency 9.6W – 28.8W
Maximum Torque 70kg.cm
Rotation CW/ CCW
Shaft Dimension Dia – 8mm x Length – 15mm
Weight 360g
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