Tiny Tech Big Security: Small Coreless Motors For Smart Lock Systems

Small coreless motors NFP-D0609-1575 used in locks offer several advantages:

  • High Efficiency: DC coreless motors have minimal internal friction, leading to higher efficiency and reduced power consumption. This efficiency is crucial for battery-powered lock systems.
  • Precise Control: Miniature coreless motors provide precise control over the movement, allowing for accurate and smooth locking and unlocking operations.
  • Quick Response: Mini coreless motors can start, stop, and change direction rapidly, enabling fast response times in lock operations, enhancing security.
  • Long Lifespan: Due to their minimal friction and wear, cylinder coreless motors have a longer lifespan compared to traditional motors, ensuring the durability of lock systems.
  • Energy Efficiency: Micro coreless motors consume less energy, making them suitable for battery-operated locks. This energy efficiency prolongs the life of the battery and reduces the frequency of battery replacements.



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Mini Motors Maximum Security: Micro Coreless Lock Tech Unleashed

✔️Electronic door lock for commercial buildings, using a fob for access.
✔️Miniature DC motor, with smooth operation, quick response, low noise, compact size and energy efficiency.
✔️Unusual coreless motor design to optimise motor lifespan.
✔️Last Lock instantly transforms any door into a smart one, effectively addressing the lost key problem at a substantially lower cost compared to traditional RFID systems.
✔️What sets Last Lock apart is its dedication to overcoming the two main issues that plagued previous smart locks in the commercial space: size and battery life. 👉🏻3D product animation video for The Last Lock



Safeguard Simplified Powerful Protection: 6mm Coreless Motors Redefine Security

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Motor model NFP-D0609-1575
Motor diameter 6mm
Motor length 9.3mm ± 0.2mm
Output shaft D-section 0.5mm
No – load speed 33,000 ± 10%rpm
Start voltage 0.8V max
Stall current 230mA max
Wire length 50mm
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