Upgrade Paycomplete Coin Sorter With Reliable Brush Electric Motors

Paycomplete Coin sorting machine ICP/ICX Active-9 is an automated equipment used to classify and sort coins of different denominations according to predetermined rules. These machines are commonly used in places such as commercial establishments, banks, supermarkets, amusement parks and public transportation systems. This equipment can improve the efficiency of coin processing and reduce the need for manual operations. It is especially suitable for situations where large amounts of coins need to be processed frequently.

Coin sorters use technology such as sensors, rotating disks and robotic arms to quickly and accurately separate mixed coins into different denominations and then store them in the corresponding warehouse or container.

Traditional brushed direct current (DC) motors are mainly used to drive various moving parts in coin sorters, such as conveyor belts, rotating disks, sorting devices, etc.

  • Conveyor Drives: Brushed dc motors are often used to drive conveyor belts that transport coins from one location to another, allowing the coins to enter the sorting system.
  • Rotary Disk Drive: If the coin sorter contains a rotating disk, a brush electric motor is used to drive the rotating motion of the rotating disk to individually arrange the mixed coins for easy entry into the sorting system.
  • Sorting unit drive: A electric brushed dc motor drives the movement of the sorting unit, ensuring coins are accurately sorted and placed into the correct warehouse or aisle.



Efficient 12V High Speed Brushed Motors: Explore Top Choices

Why 12V brushed dc motors are widely used for ?

Cost-Effectiveness: They are cost-efficient to produce, making them popular for mass production and various applications where budget considerations are crucial.

Ease of Control: Their speed and direction can be easily controlled with basic electronic circuits, making them adaptable to a wide range of devices and systems.

Good Starting Characteristics: Permanent magnet dc motor NFP-RK-525 provide high starting torque, making them suitable for applications requiring instant start and stop, such as household appliances and power tools.

Versatility: They find applications in diverse fields, including household appliances, industrial machinery, automotive, aerospace, and more, due to their ability to meet various power and speed requirements.

Simplicity in Maintenance: Compared to other motor types, high torque brushed DC motors are relatively easy to maintain, typically requiring regular brush replacements and bearing lubrication.

Stability: The design of brushed dc electric motor has been refined over years, ensuring stability, reliability, and durability, making them a preferred choice in many industries and consumer products.NFP-RK-525-dc-motor-use-in-cash-center-system


Innovative Brushed DC Motors – High Performance Low Cost

What usually determines brush type dc motor life?

Brush life: Use carbon brushes to make contact with the rotating motor rotor to transfer current. Over time, brushes gradually wear down from friction and abrasion. Its life is usually measured in “hours of use” and depends on the load, rotation speed and operating environment during use.

Bearing life: The bearings inside the motor are also critical components for life. Bearings wear with use, especially when operating at high speeds or with high loads. Regular lubrication and maintenance extend bearing life

Model NFP-RK-525-08151S NFP-RK-525-0842 NFP-RK-525-54251 NFP-RK-525-52122
Voltage Range 6V – 36V 6V – 36V 12V – 36V 6V – 24V
Nominal Voltage 24V 12V 24V 12V
No-load Speed 5,700RPM 6,450 RPM 4,000RPM 4,000RPM
No-load Current 0.11A 0.42A 0.06 A 0.20A
Max Efficiency Speed 4,613RPM 5,131RPM 3,305RPM 3,226RPM
Max Efficiency Current 0.39A 0.96A 0.27A 0.59A
Max Efficiency Torque
Max Efficiency Torque 11.57mN.m 13.33mN.m 11.37mN.m 12.45 mN.m
Max Efficiency Output 5.59W 7.15W 3.93W 4.20W
Max Efficiency 63% 64% 64% 60%
Stall Current 1.81A 4.21A 1.26A 2.63A
Stall Torque
Stall Torque 67.45mN.m 71.72mN.m 65.29mN.m 69.02mN.m
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