Encapsulated Vibration Motor

Why is shielded vibration motor an important part of electronic joysticks?

With the continuous development of automobile technology, automobile equipment is becoming more and more convenient and advanced, which dazzles car buyers. In recent years, The very popular electronic gear lever is a good example. Its gear lever design has won the attention of many consumers. Enclosed vibrating motor NFP-E0716 is applied to the electronic joysticks, and driving will only become more convenient, more comfortable and safer.

The customer installs the waterproof vibrating motor inside the electric joystick, and Turning it to a specific gear will trigger the vibrating motor to work, provide vibration feedback, and confirm that the correct gear has been dialed. Product features: Long life, Strong Sense Of Vibration, Easy Installation, No extra parts, Simple Circuit Design. Rainproof vibration motor can work with rated power supply and waterproof.

The product can be installed with Molex or JST terminals, And the wiring length can be customized according to customer requirements.

What are the advantages of Bosch Truck Electronic Joysticks?

1.The electronic joysticks is more compact than the mechanical gear lever, which saves more space in the Bosch Truck
2.Lighter operation
3.Safer operation guarantee

3V Encapsulated Vibration Motor Technical Specification

Motor Model NFP-E0716
Rated Voltage 3.0 VDC
Rated Load R2.7X5.0 eccentric rotating mass
On-load Speed 12,500±2500r.p.m.
Rotation Direction CW/CCW
Operation Position Any direction
Operation Voltage 2.0 to 3.6 V DC.
Operation Conditions -10 to +60°C.Normal humidity
Storage Conditions -0 to+80°C Normal humidity
Typical Norm. Amplitude 5.10G
Weight 4g
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