6 Kinds Enclosed Small Vibration Motors


What Kind Of Quality Service Can Be Provided Here?

1. Design & Customize a wide range of enclosed vibration motors for you to choose and evaluate according to your requirements.

2. Fast Delivery – Get the small waterproof vibration motors with short lead time, 3~4 days to worldwide, mainly delivered by DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS…

It is one of our more important production lines. This series of vibration motors is the second generation of ERM cylindrical vibration motors. The outside of the vibration motor is added with a plastic capsule made of polystyrene or a metal shell made of nickel-plated steel. Shortly, one is a plastic shell, and the other is a metal capsule.

The erm product with a capsule can meet the special needs of conditions. This kind of vibration motor is fully enclosed, so it is waterproof. It can prevent liquid intrusion, and completely enclosed. The bottom of the shell is sealed by a plastic shell, and the lead wires extend from two small holes, and then they will be sealed with waterproof glue at the final producing step.

This design makes the cylindrical motor have no external parts that is similar to coin vibration motor (another kind of ERM vibration motor). It is suitable for applications where electronic components are packaged, molded or completely penetrated into liquid.

Order ERM Encapsulated Vibration Motors Online

You can choose the following small vibrating motors for testing first, all of them are in mass production and has been widely used in a variety of applications. Once you’ve finished the prototype design and ready for mass production, contact us for a cost-effective quotation.

Encapsulated and Enclosed Vibration Motors

Encapsulated vibration motors are cylindrically 3v vibration motors. All our Encapsulated vibration motors are based on coreless design. It is suitable for applications where electronic components need to be encapsulated molded , or completely immersed in liquid. It is composed of an eccentric rotating mass vibration motor, the surface of the motor is covered with a metal or plastic shell, and an epoxy resin adhesive is used to fix it on the motor body and provide a seal.

It has the performance of waterproof, dustproof, and antifouling, which is convenient for use in harsh environments. The design of the enclosed vibration motor is similar to the encapsulated vibration motor (without any external moving parts), but also includes the screw hole in the front case plate, the enclosed vibration motor series are made of metal.

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