Waterproof DC Motor Used In Joystick

• Hall effect, resistive and switch joysticks
• High-precision single, double and triple-axis models
• Configurable buttons and switches
• Models for panel installation or desktop operation
• Industrial thumb joysticks with button, protection class up to IP67
• Industrial trackballs. T-bar faders and paddle controllers
• Analog and digital output
• For industrial applications, cabin cars and security, household items. (Truck & Aircraft & Gamepad & Wheelchairs & Surveillance Cameras & Lawn Mower)

waterproof-vibraton-motor-use-in joystick

The powerful vibration motor model NFP-E1015 is positioned in joystick, which benefit from being waterproof or water-resistant. The function of the vibration motor is vibration alerting or haptic feedback, long life, strong vibration and waterproof, high efficiency, more practical and durable. The encapsulated vibration motor can achieve waterproof and non-corroding even in wet conditions, rain or daily light mist.

7G Rainproof Vibrating Motor – ∅11mm Type Model NFP-E1015

Motor Model NFP-E1015
Wire Length 100mm or 110mm with Molex 1.25P
Rated Voltage 3.7 V DC
Rated Current 450mA max
Rated Speed 9,500±2,000 rpm
Shaft End Play 0.05-0.30mm
Unmarked Tolerance ±0.1mm
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