Powerful Vibration Motor Play An Important Role In Pasteurizer

The HT 250 pasteurizer is a compact high-temperature pasteurizer for calf milk. It works in continuous flow with an average capacity of 250 liters per hour. Its distinctive feature is the steam heating at 73.5°C and a holding time of 30 seconds, The heating and cooling time is always only a few seconds, effective germ reduction for calf milk. And the heat energy from the hot pasteurized milk is recovered in a countercurrent process and used to preheat the raw milk to be pasteurized.

In a Martin Förster pasteurizer, the role of the 775 vibration motor is to drive the movement of the rotor and screw blades to move the product, such as milk or juice, from one zone to another. Typically, a pasteurizer consists of one or more high-speed rotating rotors and helical blades that draw product from one area and push it into another where it can be pasteurized. The motor provides the power required for the rotor and screw blades, allowing the pasteurizer to run efficiently and ensuring that the product is heated and cooled evenly during the pasteurization process.

About this NFP-775SHV vibration Motor:

✅Vibration motors with 1 eccentric metal vibration heads, a rotating motor with shaft, bearings and eccentric weights on the shaft generates asymmetric centripetal force.
✅Rated Voltage & No Load Speed: DC 6V 4,000RPM/min, DC 12V 4,000RPM/min, DC 12V 8,000RPM/min, DC 24V 8,000RPM/min
✅Characteristics: Rugged, energy efficient, low noise, and low maintenance.
✅An eccentric rotating mass motor acts like a standard DC electric motor— it transforms the flow of electrical current right into a mechanical pressure that turns the motor
✅As long as the motor runs at a high variety of turnings each minute, the constant variation of the pressure generates a perceivable side vibration



What Are Applications Of Electric Vibration Motor

  • Household: white goods, small appliances, fans, electric screens, automatic window opening, floor cleaning robots, vacuum cleaners, smart home systems.
  • Medical: medical pumps, sphygmomanometers, surgical tools, medical agitators, centrifuges.
  • Power tools: air pump, water pump, vacuum pump, oxygen generator, electric drill, electric screwdriver.
  • Commercial equipment: printers, copiers, shredders, projectors, scanners, cash registers, vending machines.
  • Personal care: hair dryer, electric shaver, beauty product, hair curler, steam hair straightener (water jet straight hair outlet).
  • Health field: massager, facial cleanser.
  • Security: surveillance system, camera, safe.
  • Industrial: robotic arms, printing equipment, automation equipment.
  • Other applications: electronic door locks, smart switches, robots, toys, smart cars, boats, intelligent wear, electronics, aircraft model, etc



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Q1: When will reply after got inquiries ?
A: Online 24 hours, looking forward to your inquiry.

Q2: Which shipping way is available ?
A: DHL, FedEx air are available. The other shipping ways please contact us.

Q3: How long is the deliver shipping ?
A: Usually it takes about 5 working days.

Q4: Do you support sample order ?
A: Samples are available for you.

Q5: How to control quality ?
A: Checking staffs are on every production line process. After finishing the whole motor, we have the entire professional quality machine to test the motor. Such as Hardness Tester, 2.5D Image Tester, Salt Spray Chamber, Life Tester, Temperature Test Machine, and Noise tester etc.

Q6: Are you a manufacturer?
A: We are a professional manufacturer with over 15 years of experience.

Q7: What main motors do you produce?
A: The main types are: Brushless gear motor, BLDC vibrator, Coreless dc motor, Linear vibrator, Brushed dc motor, Spur gear motor, Turbo worm geared motors, Planetary dc gear motors, Stepper dc motor, 6mm gear motor, small vibration motor, Speed reducers, Geared motors with encoders. Other types of motors, please contact for customization.

Q6: What are shipping methods?
A: Usually FedEx/DHL express by air. Or use demand methods by customers.



Large Vibration Motor Model NFP-775SHV Parameters

Motor Model NFP-775SHV
Voltage 12V/24V DC
No load current 0.35-0.5A
On load current 1.6-3A
Rated Power 60W
Weight 422g
Shaft Length 15mm
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