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Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motors Applications

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How does the ERM vibration motor compare to LRA?

Difference ERMs LRA
Mechanism As the motor rotates, the eccentric mass generates centrifugal force, creating vibrations When an AC voltage is applied to the coil, it creates an electromagnetic force that oscillates the mass back and forth on the spring, generating vibrations.
Control Easier Sophisticated drive circuits to control the AC voltage and achieve optimal resonance.
Vibration Frequency Wide range of vibration frequencies Narrow frequency range
Vibration Amplitude Higher vibration amplitudes Precise and controlled vibrations
Vibration Direction Rotational or circular vibrations Vibration along a single axis

Ultimately, the choice between ERM(cylindrical vibration motor) and LRA vibration motors depends on the specific application requirements. ERMs are suitable for applications where higher vibration amplitude and a wide frequency range are needed, while LRAs are ideal for applications that demand low power consumption, precise control, and reduced noise levels.