21 Kinds Vibration Motors Give Your Wearable Vibration Feedback


Coreless Brushed Vibration Motor Manufacturer

Coreless vibration motors we are currently mass-producing, sorted by diameter size, Φ3.2mm to Φ12mm diameter vibrator motors match different sizes of eccentric mass.

Eccentrics usually have two sizes, radius and length, if you have special needs, you can contact us by the form below to get in touch. If you want more coreless motor size options, you can click here.

Eccentric Rotating Mass Vibration Motors

Eccentric Rotating Mass vibration motor is also called ERM or pager motor.

The small vibrating motor is a coreless motor or a brush dc motor thoes are equipped with eccentric mass(fan or round shape), When the motor is working, The rapid rotation of the eccentric produces centrifugal force and then will have vibrating. This vibration can be used for informs users of getting new messages or calls. It’s a second way of reminding besides sound alert, learn more.

This kind of vibrating alert had been used for many applications, such as wearable devices, pagers, smart phones, handsets… Cylindrical vibrating motors are the best choices for many wearable applications just because of their small compact sizes and enclosed vibration mechanism. They are great for haptic feedback, particularly in handheld devices.

It was designed for wearable devices that requires vibration  feedback for alerting instead of physical buttons. Comparing with other ERMs, cylindrical vibration motor are more compact and convenient to use.


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