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The strong vibration motor plays the role of drive and control in the Aytec robotic arm. They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and provide power to drive the movement of the robotic arm. The rotation of the motor can make the joints or actuators of the robotic arm rotate or linearly move, so as to realize the grasping, lifting, stretching and other actions of the robotic arm. The control of the motor also enables the robotic arm to achieve precise position and speed control, enabling it to complete various complex tasks and jobs.

  • This motor robot arm, adopts the new customized high power vibration motor.
  • Compared to other brush motors, they are 36mm diameters small and compact, high-strength, lengthy lifespan, withstands pressure and shock, whisper-quiet magic.



Incredible 36mm Vibratory Motor DATA SHEET

Here’s what makes it stand out:
– Compact Size: With a diameter of just 36mm, it fits perfectly even in tight spaces.
– Voltage Options: Choose between 12V and 24V to suit your needs.
– High RPM: With a speedy 8,000 rotations per minute, it delivers intense vibrations.
– Efficiency at its Best: Our motor boasts a high-performance drive system, ensuring stability and durability.
– Whisper-Quiet Operation: Designed with low-noise technology, it provides a silent and enjoyable experience.

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Motor Model NFP-R-36ZY-CE-12 NFP-R-36ZY-CE-24
Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
Voltage Range 9V – 14V DC 14V – 26V DC
No-Load Current 0.5A 0.25A
No-load Speed 8,000RPM 8,000RPM
Max Efficiency Speed 6,662RPM 6,517RPM
Max Efficiency Current 3.48A 1.85A
Max Efficiency Torque
Max Efficiency Output 36.5W 36W
Stall Torque 1, 1,
Stall Current 10.6A 5.28A


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Are you ready to take your projects to the next level? Look no further than our incredible vibratory motor. Designed for power, precision, and performance, this 36mm diameter motor is a game-changer for a wide range of applications.

Introducing the vibration motor, your gateway to enhanced experiences and absolute convenience, with its sleek design and robust performance, the vibration motor effortlessly syncs with various devices, seamlessly integrating into your project, embrace the endless possibilities with the vibration motor.

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