Low Current Coreless Motor Utilize In SKYDIO DRONES

The smart sensors for a Skydio drone this small, piloted by the most advanced AI in the sky. To get the data you need, wherever and whenever you need it. The high efficient motors model NFP-D0617 and folding 3-blade design of the Skydio drones delivers a quiet flight profile, at the same time allowing for top speeds of up to 45 mph in stable air.




Coreless motors reduce energy loss due to friction and wear. This means they can provide more thrust , which is very important for drones because it is directly related to flight time and payload capacity.





The small size and stable internal structure make micro coreless motor run more smoothly and quietly, especially in situations where low-noise operation is required (such as movie shooting, wildlife monitoring, etc.).





We only produce high quality coreles motor for drones with fast response, specially customized for corporate customers. Rotational speed can be adjusted quickly, which is crucial for the stable flight and control of the drone.





Engineers professionally design precise coreless motors to dissipate heat more effectively, which helps prevent the drone from overheating during long-term operation.




Only high-quality raw materials are used in coreless brushed motor to maximize the lifespan of drone, which means the drone costs less in terms of maintenance and replacement parts.


6mm Coreless DC Motor Data Sheet

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Motor model NFP-D0617
Motor Diameter 6mm ± 0.1mm
Motor Body Length 16.6mm ± 0.2mm
Motor Total Length 21.1mm ± 0.3mm
Rated Voltage 3.4V DC
No-Load Current ≤120mA
No-Load Speed 53,000 ± 10%rpm
Starting Voltage ≤0.8V
Stall Current ≤4.5A
Rotation CW
Motor Output Shaft Length 4.4mm ± 0.3mm
Shaft Diameter Φ0.8mm
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