Employ Planetary Geared DC Motor In Paxton PaxLock

Paxlock is great replacement and upgrade of your existing locks. A range of wireless electronic door handles are designed with security built in and can be installed by themselves or as part of a wider solution to offer sites flexibility. They communicate wirelessly, reducing cabling and making them straightforward to retrofit an existing door minimising the time required for installation. Paxton Smart Door Knob Smart Lock with networked access control system. Perfect for Bedroom, Cloakroom, Apartment Office, Hotel.

Advantages Great For
Compatible with Net2 & Paxton10, or standalone ✅Simple card administration
IK10 impact rated & IP55 rated (reader side only) ✅Secure
FD30 & FD60 certified for fire doors ✅Cost saving
Compatible with DIN standard locks ✅Internal or external doors
EN179 Certified for emergency exit ✅Energy saving
Built-in Bluetooth®, allowing the use of smart devices (Paxton10 only) ✅Compatible with a range of readers


The PaxLock Pro is wireless, battery powered door handle with built-in electronic security for enabling and restricting access. There are two designs available for use on internal or external doors creating a versatile solution for sites not requiring the additional functionality of a networked system.

PaxLock Pro’s t wireless accessment—The design is compatible with any DIN standard lock for a quick. Its smart, compact appearance and standalone or networked operation means it can be used in more applications than ever before. Design our small gear motors model NFP-612-26.45-0675 to be easy to install and make the management of any building very simple.



Why You Need Padlock Pro?

User tokens can be added to the system in seconds by presenting an enrolment card to the door. The administration is straightforward and can be done in a matter of minutes. Staff and visitors are issued with electronic tokens instead of keys. If someone loses their token, it can be simply barred from the system by presenting a shadow card to a reader. This ensures that if the token was found, it could not be used to gain entry and compromise the security of your building.



What is A Planetary Motor?

Planetary geared motor is a widely used deceleration transmission equipment. The main transmission structure is composed of drive motor and planetary gearbox, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range, high precision and many other advantages.

Motor model NFP-612-26.45-0675
Total body length 19.6mm
Motor body length 12.2mm
Shaft diameter Φ=2.0mm D-section=1.5mm
Total weight 1.7g
Motor voltage range 2.5V-3.0V
Motor rated voltage 3.0V
Motor no-load speed (approx) 28,000rpm
Gearbox layers 2
Gear ratio 1:26.45
No load voltage 3.0V
No load speed 1,000rpm
No load current (approx) 60mA
Output max torque 25
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