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🕹️Drive, boost and perform stunts across dynamic real-life locations in single or multiplayer modes as you compete on global leaderboards. With heart-pumping action and jaw-dropping graphics, no other racing game can compete with LAIGAMES ASPHALT 9 LEGENDS ARCADE.

🕹️The worm DC gear motor model NFP-5840-31ZYS-D is a type of motor commonly used in arcade games to control various mechanical parts, such as the movement of a joystick or the rotation of a wheel. The motor consists of a worm gear and a DC motor, which work together to provide precise and reliable control.

🕹️When the motor is activated, the DC motor rotates the worm gear, which in turn rotates the output shaft of the motor. The worm gear has a high gear reduction ratio, which means that the output shaft rotates slowly but with high torque. This makes the motor ideal for controlling the movement of mechanical parts in arcade games that require precise and smooth motion.

🕹️The worm gear electric motor is often used in conjunction with a control circuit or microcontroller, which regulates the speed and direction of the motor. This allows the motor to be programmed to perform specific functions in the arcade game, such as moving a joystick in different directions or rotating a wheel at a specific speed.

🕹️Overall, the worm geared dc motor is a reliable and efficient motor that is well-suited for controlling mechanical parts in arcade games. Its high gear reduction ratio and precise control make it an ideal choice for arcade game designers who require precise and smooth motion control.

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12V Worm Gear Motor NFP-5840-31YS-D Parameters

Motor Model NFP-5840-31YS-D
Rated Voltage 12V / 24V DC
Rated Current 0.08A – 0.3A
No-load Speed 5rpm – 470rpm
Efficiency 9.6W – 28.8W
Maximum Torque
Rotation CW/ CCW
Shaft Dimension Dia – 8mm x Length – 15mm
Weight 360g
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