Buy Small Vibration Motors: 20 Options

Small Vibration Motors Brush Type With Big Amplitude

Do you have a more powerful vibration motor?
The above is the most frequently asked question by customers.

Due to the small size and different application areas, when the application requires powerful vibration, small vibration motors (pancake vibration motor, pager motor) cannot meet the requirements. At this time, we need a slightly larger ERM motor.

Generally, the main factor that determines the motor amplitude is the size of eccentric rotating mass and speed of the motor, usual practice is to choose a bigger driving motor, that means to use N20, N25, FK-130, F-180, F280, 370, 385, 520, 550, 775 series motors as the drive motor, using one or two eccentric blocks.  Round or fan shape.

Voltage of these bigger “small vibration motors” are 3V-24V DC according to your prototype request.

These small industrial vibration motors can be mouted onto a suitable metal or plastic bracket. There are screw holes on the motor casing, which can be installed on the application plane.

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