Linear Micro Motor NFP-NFP-ELV0832B Embedded In CLB Acoustic-Monitoring

Acoustic Monitoring and nurse call is suitable for any care-focused sector. Because Acoustic Monitoring significantly reduces, and can oftentimes eliminate, the need for making rounds at night, care home residents can be left to sleep peacefully while staff remain informed about potential problems. With lower ongoing workload staff on standby can deliver a higher quality of care when needed.

The motor NFP-ELV0832B is installed in the system to replace the traditional pressing. When an abnormality is felt, the machine will generate an alarm and notify the maintenance personnel to arrive in time. Acoustic Monitoring can be integrated with a range of technologies such as motion sensors, epilepsy mats and door sensors. These benefits mean Acoustic Monitoring can be regarded as an assistive technology for care institutions in various domains:
✅Elderly care
✅Dementia care
✅Learning disabilities care
✅Complex needs care
✅Mental health care



Before moving into a care home, many elderly residents lived independent lives. Privacy and dignity remain very important to them. At the same time, elderly residents often do require 24/7 care on standby with swift response when needed. This puts care providers in a difficult position, as they aim to provide the best quality of care without compromising their residents’ privacy.


In addition to night staff having the ability to care more considerately, day staff also benefit from the considerably improved wellbeing and behaviour shown by residents who have had a better, uninterrupted night’s sleep. They are expected to offer a safe and secure environment that maximises a person’s independence while still respecting their privacy. Acoustic Monitoring helps make this possible.


Instead of intermittent checks with blind spots of one or two hours, staff can now immediately respond to residents in need. Traditional nurse call systems are often not suitable for these kind of residents, who find it difficult to understand their function or are unable to use the call buttons when in need of assistance. Acoustic Monitoring is a solution which addresses these issues.


Resident information is automatically displayed with any alert received from their room and, if available, a video connection can be made. Alert-triggering events can be replayed if required. The increase in staff efficiency is a great opportunity to reduce operational costs.

Small Vibration Motors 205Hz Type Datasheet

Motor Model NFP-ELV0832B 205Hz Type
Diameter 8 ± 0.1 mm
Thickness 3.25 ± 0.05 mm
Rated Current Max. 90 mArms
Vibration Acceleration 1.2-1.5 Grms
Operating Frequency 205 ± 5 Hz/ 235 ± 5 Hz
Rising Time Max. 50 msec, From 0 to 50%
Falling Time Max. 80 msec; From 100% to 50%
Mechanical Noise Max. 50 dB(A); 10cm distance from microphone
Life Test 200,000cycle, on – 2sec / off – 1sec.


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