Experience Powerful Vibrations: Discover Exciting LRA Vibration Motor!

The gamepad is the bridge between the player and the game, which allows you to immerse yourself more deeply in the game world.

  • It is feasible to use LRA vibration motors in joysticks to provide haptic feedback. LRA motors are commonly used in various electronic devices, including Scufgaming gaming controllers, to enhance user experience through tactile sensations. By integrating an LRA motor into a joystick, users can feel vibrations that correspond to in-game events, improving immersion and adding an extra layer of interactivity to gaming.
  • LRAs Linear actuators NFP-ELV451230 usually be used in gamepad. When actuated, the motor creates vibrations that are felt by the user. These vibrations can simulate various sensations, such as impacts or vibrations, corresponding to in-game events, adding a tactile dimension to the joystick’s functionality.


Mini Linear Electric Actuator For Games Track Robots Smart  Devices

In shooting games, the linear vibrating motor can simulate the recoil of firearms and the impact of explosions, making you more immersive.
In racing games, the linear vibrators can convey the real feeling of vehicle acceleration, turning and collision, allowing you to feel the thrill of extreme speed driving.



Compared With Traditional Motors, Linear Motors Have Following Unique Features In Game

1⃣️More precise vibration control: Traditional motors usually can only provide simple vibration effects, while linear vibration motors can simulate various forces and vibrations in a more precise way according to game situations and needs.

2⃣️High response speed: It can convey the actions and events in the game more instantly, which enables players to feel the changes and interactions in the game more in real time, and enhances the sense of reality and tension of the game.

3⃣️Larger vibration range and strength: Traditional motors usually only provide relatively small and limited vibration effects, while linear vibration motors can produce more intense and diverse vibrations, enhancing the immersion and excitement of games.

4⃣️Fine tactile feedback: The linear vibration motor can provide finer tactile feedback, allowing players to feel the difference between different surfaces, materials and objects in the game.


Micro Vibrating Motor LRA Haptic Actuator Data Information

Enhance Your Devices with Cutting-Edge Technology: Unleash the Potential of LRAs! Revolutionize Your User Experience: Uncover the Thrilling Capabilities of Linear Vibration Motors!

Motor Model NFP-ELV451230
Motor Length 12 ± 0.1 mm
Motor Width 4.5 ± 0.1 mm
Motor Height 3.0 ± 0.08 mm
Rated Voltage 1.8 Vrms AC
Work Current 100mA max
Resonance Frequency 235 ± 10Hz
Rise Time 100ms max
Fall Time 180ms max
Vibration Acceleration 100g – min 0.3Grms
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