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Here are some free LRA samples or low cost samples for a haptic feedback starter/beginner. They’re the same performance and high quality, however wire length maybe shorter than normal ones. Haptic Feedback Introduce.

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Recently, MDM launched 2 models linear vibration motors, ELV0832B(Z-axis vibration motor), ELV081530 (Advanced Rectangular LRA used in Huawei Phone).

A linear vibration motor is a type of machine that vibrates in one direction only. The linear vibration motor includes a fixed part, an elastic member, and a bending part. The vibrator part is connected to the upper portion of the printed circuit board. Its frequency varies with the drive signal applied to it. A spring that is stiffer than the fixed piece acts as a suspension. The force from the external force causes the mass to oscillate up and down.

What Is Linear Vibration Motors?

LRA is a spring-mass system that vibrates in a linear motion. Inside, there is a coil suspended by springs and when voltage is applied, the coil generates a magnetic field. The coil interacts with the magnet and mass, whereas the magnetic field varies with the applied drive signal, the magnet and mass move up and down creating force. This movement is perceived as a vibration.

Linear vibration motors application:

haptic feedback vest

Linear resonant actuators main features:

  • Fast rise and fall times, quick start and break time.
  • Light weight, small size, excellent choice for wearable applications.
  • Request to be driven by IC chips from TI’s chip DRV2605.
  • Exceptionally long lifetime 200,000cycle, on-2s; off-1s.
  • High reliability compared to ERM.
  • Low consumption compared to ERM.
  • Coin shape: Z-axis vibration, Square shape: X-axis vibration

LRA vs ERM typical characteristics


LRA is the short of linear resonant actuator, it is a popular vibration motor, for it works differently from the previous generation, it has long lifetime and fast rising time and brake time, generally 20ms.

Linear vibration motors are more suitable for the wearable devices, such as VR suit, commercial simulator, VR walker sports, virtual reality boxing shooting, VR haptic suit and gloves those request light weight, and the linear resonance vibration motor can convey complex waveforms to detailed tactile information.

How Does Linear Vibration Motor Works?

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