Haptic Feedback

Gear Shifter Touch Screen-Haptic Feedback Changes The User’s Driving Experience

Gear Shifter Touch Screen
The Gear Shifter Touch Screen is the same as our current smartphone touch screen. The user experience is very comfortable and intuitive. On the Gear Shifter touch screen, it can be built into the car control screen through a linear motor NFP-ELV0832B, instead of physical buttons, linear vibration The motor provides haptic feedback. When the user slides or clicks a button, the user will get timely tactile feedback, letting the user know whether a certain action is correct

Key Feature:
-The user is notified whether an action is performed correctly through tactile feedback, The microphone sound, or vision.
-Allow users to use each gear to use interactive shift mode.
-The Gear Shifter complies with FMVSS 102 and FMVSS 114 regulations.
-The ability to make the touch glass screen into a 3D shape. Can be bent and flow freely.

Linear Vibration Motor Model NFP-ELV0832B 235Hz Data Sheet

Motor model: NFP- ELV0832B 235Hz Type
LRA diameter: Φ8±0.1 mm
LRA thickness: 3.25±0.05 mm
Weight: 1.00±0.1 Gram
Resistance: 22.5±10% Ω
Rated current: Max. 90 mArms Input Source: F0, 1.8Vrms AC, sine wave
Vibration acceleration: 1.2-1.5 Grms Input Source: F0, 1.8Vrms AC, sine wave, 100g dummy JIG
Operating Frequency: 235±5 Hz
Rising time: Max. 50 msec, From 0 to 50% of nominal vibration @ 1.8Vrms,235Hz
Falling time: Max. 80 msec; From 100% to 50% of nominal vibration @ 1.8Vrms,235Hz
Mechanical noise: Max. 50 dB(A); 10cm distance from microphone, Input Source : 235Hz, 1.8Vrms AC, sine wave
Insulation resistance: Min. 10 MΩ; 100V DC input, between Case and Lead Wire
Life test: Operating at rated input voltage (1.8Vrms AC, Sinewave), input frequency (235Hz) for 200,000cycle, on(2sec)/off(1sec).


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