Long Lifetime Brushless Coin Vibration Motor

Brushless Vibration Motor NFP-WS0625 Used In Medical Supplies

Masimo Nighttime monitoring right at your fingertips.
Masimo is the leading brand of hospital pulse oximeters. It has advanced pulse oximetry technology, a wearable fingertip sensor, which continuously measures oxygen level, pulse and respiration rate for monitoring your vital signs, and built-in a brushless vibration motor NFP-WS0625 provides vibration feedback. It can help you discover the factors that affect your sleep.

Powerful Masimo Sleep Monitor
A wearable 7-Night Sleep CheckupTM, light to wear, Masimo SET pulse oximetry continuously monitors oxygen level, pulse rate and respiration rate. 7-Night Checkup Report shows the trend of sleep quality.

Brushless Vibration Motor Of Features:

-Long lifetime, no redundant structure, easy to install,

-Motor diameter: 6mm, motor thickness: 2.5mm, very small size


Brushless Motor Vibration Model NFP-WS0625 Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP – WS0625
Motor Diameter: 6mm
Motor Thickness: 2.5mm
Rated Voltage: 3.0V DC
Start Voltage: 2.5V DC
Operating Voltage: 2.7V – 3.3V DC
Rated Speed: 15,000 ± 3000rpm
Rated Current: 80mA max
Nominal Amplitude Vibe Force: 1.0G+
BLDC Vibration Motor Lifetime: 0.5s on 0.5s off as one cycle, 500,000+ cycles


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