Linear Vibration Motor Used In Wearable Technology Sunu Band

Sunu bracelet is the first intelligent navigation aid designed for the visually impaired
Sunu Band is the first latest wearable technology and mobility aid on the market, suitable for blind and visually impaired people. Sunu Band uses the LVM series of Linear vibration motors Model NFP-ELV1411A to provide tactile feedback through vibration pulses sensed on the user’s wrist. Tactile feedback informs the user of the distance to the obstacle, the purpose is to increase the user’s awareness and perception of the obstacle, time-telling. bypass the obstacle to avoid accidents.

Design a wearable smart bracelet walker 
Sunu Band can be applied to mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Using LVM series X-axis linear vibration motor to provide a sensory library that can be delivered to users. The library contains more than 100 different types of vibrations. The smart bracelet function allows the user to read the time through vibration pulses, which can be calculated according to the direction the user slides on the touchpad.

The Sunu Band’s haptics to provide the following functions:

1. Proximity sensing-the distance to the obstacle by the sonar can be detected in real-time.
2. Tactile clock-the ability to judge time by vibration
3. Navigation-Provides queues for the left turn, right turn and general direction.
4. Alarm-Ability to set vibration time alarm.

X Axis Linear Motor Model NFP-ELV1411A Data Sheet

Motor Model: NFP – ELV1411A
Motor Weight: 2.5g
Size: 14mmx11mmx2.5mm
Rated Voltage: AC 2.0Vrms
Vibration amplitude: 1.5Grms @100g
Motor frequency: 150Hz
Nominal Operating current: 90max
Terminal Resistance: 26+/-10%
Mechanical Noise: 50dB max
Operating Temperature Range: -30~+70
Storage Temperature Range: -40~+80


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